Celeste Is Helping Us See The Change, Too, In ‘I Can See The Change’

Celeste Is Helping Us See The Change, Too, In ‘I Can See The Change’

Celeste is back with a new song, ‘I Can See The Change.’ She’s even got us seeing the change a bit, too. The changes we’re facing in the world right now are obvious, and this song feels relevant to right now. We can all see the change and have hope in that. Especially as the song has an optimistic tone, too, and we really need a bit more optimism out there.

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Something that adds to the song and what we love about it is that it was produced by FINNEAS. He’s an amazing producer and writer, who might be better known as Billie Eilish’s brother who does a lot for her music, but even more, he’s incredible with music in his own right. Celeste and FINNEAS met at the Brit Awards back in February, and we’re so glad they stayed in touch to create this song together and make it what it is.

I saw Celeste perform at the Brits back in February and was blown away. She commanded the stage in a way that was simultaneously intimate and massive, and I immediately went home and downloaded her entire catalog. When I was approached about producing ‘I Can See The Change,’ I was thrilled. I have been lucky to produce songs for a few artists who I think will never go out of style and Celeste is certainly on that list.


Listen To ‘I Can See The Change’ & See What Celeste Had To Say About It

We completely agree with FINNEAS that Celeste is an artist that will never go out of style, especially now that we’ve heard ‘I Can See The Change.’ The song itself is beautiful, as it’s so hopeful and optimistic for change. It’s also so peaceful to listen to, by the end of the song, we were completely at peace after listening to Celeste’s stunningly soulful vocals and the calming music with it. We even love the story behind the single, as it relates to us as we adapt to new things and the times we’re in.

You can check out the song here, and read what Celeste said about ‘I Can See The Change’ below!

It was a strange time for me as externally lots of exciting things were happening in my life, but internally I was feeling flat. I felt disconnected from myself and the world around me, so I knew something needed to change… It’s difficult for me to fully articulate, but when I started writing the song I pictured a blurry, unidentified image far off in the distance that I knew I had to move closer to in order to understand what it was and perhaps what it meant, but also realising that the journey wasn’t going to be easy. Ultimately the song is about hope and change but knowing that to obtain this requires effort, patience, and conviction.


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