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Sweet Releases So Sweet They’ll Give You Cavities.

Sweet Releases So Sweet They’ll Give You Cavities.

Welcome to our Sweet Releases, your weekly indulgence of all the latest playlist must-haves, hand-picked, and ready to enjoy! So, load up on the bonbons and sit back with your noise-canceling headphones. These Sweet Releases are coming at you hard and fast, and you don’t need any distractions.

These New Albums Are Like The Hot Fudge On Top Of Your Sundae

Bedroom Ceilings- Another Bulb Burned Out
PLUKO- ColorBlind
Young and Heartless- $ERMON

POP On Point






These New Music Videos Will Be The Cherry On Top Of Your Week


Darren Criss, Royalties

Have you downloaded Quibi yet? If not, go do it right now because they have debuted the trailer for Darren Criss’ new comedy series Royalties. We’re so stoked over the news, and after seeing the all-star lineup for the soundtrack, all we have to say is … OMG! The soundtrack features Julianne Hough, Bonnie McKee, Mark Hamill, Sabrina Carpenter, and many more A-plus celebrities. This is one show you aren’t going to want to miss, so head over to Quibi now for your first sneak peek!


G-Eazy has used his time in quarantine to tap into new genres of music, and create covers of his favorite artists, which molded into his new project Everything’s Strange Here. He took to social media to explain, saying “Eight weeks ago, I didn’t know I needed to make this. The world has been turned upside down and inside out, but a lot of us have had the fortunate opportunity to self-reflect, grow, and evolve. This project is a representation of where my heart and head have been at. It’s honest and pure, it’s me. Take it or leave it, this is how I feel.” Everything’s Strange Here will be out on June 5, 2020.

Young Culture

Young Culture is releasing a new single! Have you heard about it? Fans have the opportunity to call 1-800-921-4875, to hear an exclusive message from the band. Plus a sneak peek of the single ahead of its release on Equal Vision Records. This track, in particular, is pretty special. If you know Young Culture, then you know they’re a four-piece punk/rock band. We’re very excited to see what they bring to the table, with this new song which will be out soon. Did you hear the sneak peek? What do you think?


Are you a fan of Twitch? How about a live series on Twitch? Bands are getting pretty creative during the weirdness that is today’s qurantine, and Underoath is no exception. In these cool episodes, the band takes an album from their vast catalog and gives us a detailed look at the writing and recording process. The episodes will air every Wednesday, and started on May 27th. You can catch up now, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for more on the music industry. Future episodes will feature producers and artists that Underoath have toured with, as well as streamers, fans, label personnel, friends, and others who have been closely involved with the band’s career. Whether you love the band, want to get into the industry, or want something to do on a Wednesday night, it is a must-watch.

Lil Baby

The NBA and music worlds collide for a little collaborative spin. On May 26th, Lil’ Baby did a playlist take over, which is super cool and a little special. After the latest album called My Turn Lil’ Baby has been feeling high on that success, what could possibly be next? Well, of course, he chose to collaborate with some of his favorite basketball players for a “My Turn” moment. Ja Morant, an American professional basketball, is the first to join Lil’ Baby in his playlist take over. The goal was to give some music to a moment. Mutual fans of each other, it’s no wonder this stellar collaboration came to fruition. Have you checked out that playlist yet?


RMR fans are you buzzing? The newest song, ‘I’m Not Over You,’ was a bop. We are still jamming to it, but it was made 10x better with a live TV performance. That’s right, RMR made a TV debut on Showtime’s Desus & Mero. The live-stream happened on May 28th, but we’re sure you can find it again on good old YouTube. That phenomenal performance was then followed up by an interview, where we learned that the new EP is coming soon. Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art, will be arriving next week, Friday, June 5th. We ask again, are you excited? Because this is going to be one hell of a week.

Cocoon Malibu

Cisco Adler & Ross Gerber have put their heads together and founded Cocoon Malibu, a new site where you can connect with a community, and it’s not entirely for the fans. Cocoon serves as a stage where artists, producers, photographers, and more can connect and collaborate. Features include “Live In The Rug Room” that spotlights acts playing the house’s “Rug Room,” a 1970’s time-machine of space, as well as “Questions W/ The Cocoon” and other informational interview series with daily vlog-Esque recaps, featuring a creative cast of characters who occupy the space.

Not only that, but on the fan-friendly side, there are “Creative Contests” that welcome participation worldwide, with fans able to compete for prizes from partners such as D’Angelico Guitars, Topo Chico, Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka, David Black Denim, Malibu Sandals, and more. There’s a lot to find on this website, and we’re exhausted just imagining the possibilities. Have you checked it out yet?

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers have been making the TV show rounds lately. Recently, they were seen on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on April 7th. There they performed ‘C Sections and Railway Trestles’, and now, they will be performing on Ellen DeGeneres Show on June 4th. During this performance, they will be playing a new song never before played on television. This comes from their latest and 10th studio album, Closer Than Together, which was released last fall. Don’t miss out! Catch a sweet TV moment with the Avett Brothers, and tune into the Ellen DeGeneres Show on June 4th.

See Also

The Boyz Whisper

Calling All Captains

New documentary alert! This is not a drill, get those knowledge caps warmed up. Calling All Captains premieres a new documentary called Made For This. This new doc can be watched on Exclaim! The details of the documentary cover the band’s experiences at K Days. Plus, if you need more Calling All Captains in your life, you can catch them live with a Q&A on June 5th. The event starts at 7 PM MT, you can find where to tune in here. These guys have really been making some moves after getting signed to a new label. Check out Calling All Captains right now, and don’t miss the live stream June 5th!

Future Forecast

Gizmo Varillas- Out Of The Darkness (June 5th)
Peter ManosDo You Turn Red (July 15th)
Wolf CultureDying In The Living Room (July 10th)
Lauren Calve- Wildfire EP (June 23rd)
Jess KnightsBaby Won’t You Stay (June 19th)
Retro Color- ARCADIAN (June 12th)
Will Wood- The Normal Album (July 10th)
Sophie MeiersBetter For You Single (June 10th)
Broadside- Into The Raging Sea (July 24th)

Holy Sweet Releases! How’s that for a sugar high? With a list like that, can life get any sweeter? We think not.

So, which of these Sweet Releases are you vibing with the most? Have you found a new fave? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep

Sweet Releases Words By: Parish Hodges, Dakota Ash, Kat Voss, and Emily Defoor

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