This Is What We Want To See Happen In Season 2 Of ‘Diary Of A Future President’

This Is What We Want To See Happen In Season 2 Of ‘Diary Of A Future President’

As any avid The Honey POP fan knows, we are HUGE fans of the Disney+ series Diary of a Future President. We’ve been sad ever since the first season ended but this week we got the news we’d been waiting for…the show is getting a season 2!

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We can’t wait to be reunited with the Cañero-Reed family and we’re so glad that everyone who made the first season special will be returning to make the second season just as great.

While we trust the creative team to tell the right stories, we can’t help but have a few ideas of our own!

Here’s what we hope to see in season two when Diary of a Future President returns to Disney+.

Elena As Student Council President

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Okay, we know we might be dreaming a bit big here but being student council president is what Elena deserves! After all, we know Elena feels strongly and passionately about making the world a better place. What better place to do that than as student council president!

Bobby Is Able To Explore His Sexuality Freely And With Support

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If we’re being honest, we were almost more invested in Bobby’s character in season one than we were with Elena’s. We absolutely love that the show has been given a platform and is deciding to tell the story of a young latino man who is figuring out his feelings and sexuality.

We absolutely want to see Bobby continue to figure out who he is and where his feelings lie. And we certainly hope that if and when he figures it out he is able to love and be loved freely without conditions.

Plus, we totally ship Bobby and Liam so we’re definitely rooting for them.

Gabi And Sam Continue To Love And Support Each Other

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We’ll be honest we were a little bit nervous of the fate of Gabi and Sam in the first season. We don’t think we can go through that “will they, won’t they” rollercoaster again.

Since season one ended with them agreeing to try and date again we want to see them happy and dating in season two. After all, Gabi seems happy with Sam and Sam is a great addition to the family.

More Cuban Culture Explored

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A big part of the Cañero-Reed family is that they are Cuban-American just like the show’s creator Ilana Peña. While we did see some of their culture explored in episode 8, we want to see more!

What does being Cuban-American mean to Elena? To Bobby? How is Sam trying to understand their culture? We want to know!!!

More Scenes With United States President Elena Cañero-Reed

Image Source: Nino Munoz/The CW courtesy of Disney+.

While we did get a taste of what the future holds for Elena as President of the United States, we want to see even more in season two.

Gina Rodriquez has already confirmed that she will be returning for season two and we certainly hope we get to see her in front of the camera more times this season. Perhaps, adult Elena’s problems could mirror younger Elena’s middle-school problems.

Image Source: Disney+/Matt Petit

And those are just some of the ideas we have brewing our heads and we’re not even TV writers! We can’t wait to see what the creative team comes up with for season two and we will definietly be counting down the days until we can be reunited with our new favorite family.

For now, you can stream the first season if Diary of a Future President on Disney+.

Are you excited for season 2? What do you hope the show explores? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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