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We’re Not Here To ‘Entertain You’

We’re Not Here To ‘Entertain You’

‘Entertain You’ is the latest from a pretty hot Dutch band that is going the extra mile. Within Temptation is a symphonic metal/rock band that has been kicking ass since 1996. They are gearing up and bringing to us a special music video. This comes with a special message.

We love a band that cares and speaks up for those that can’t speak or be heard. Tensions in the news lately are high. If it’s not Trump or COVID-19 it is the latest tragedy of George Floyd‘s murder. We are struggling all over the world with one issue or another. When we sit here idly watching such horrific events transpire it can be easy to get discouraged. Use this song to empower you and take action.

Eventually, everyone will have their own idea what the song and video are about. For us, the inspiration comes from how we treat a certain group of people that doesn’t fit in our society, and how we always feel a need to emphasize how much they do not fit in so we can feel good about ourselves. We start singling them out, cornering them in all sorts of ways. Nowadays, our first reaction is to film an incident instead of helping someone. They’re not here for our entertainment. It’s time for a bit more self-reflection and to ask ourselves why we do it, and think about the consequences for the others. Awareness is hopefully a step forward to change.

Sharon den Adel

Art, music, movies, and anything to do with the arts&humanities push the words of the people, of the society they echo. Songs motivate us. They’re there when we feel like we’re not strong enough to stand on our own, or find community when we feel on our own. As Sharon has said, “Awareness is hopefully a step forward to change.”

‘Your Entertainment’

‘Entertain You’ is a song that comes right in time. The music video speaks for itself, the words usher in a passionate rally. The music video highlights a lot of interesting looking individuals. Whether it be appearance or what’s inside they sit on the fringes of the collective. Jeered at and challenge to fight for their lives. The music video uses black and white film with certain colors highlighted to draw the eye. The imagery and costuming seem to harken back to circuses, mainly “freak shows” where anybody and anything different was put on display for the peoples’ entertainment.

Use your voice, fight for a cause. Stand for something and refuse to be silent. Be compassionate and righteous. There are things in this world that we can all agree deserve our attention whether it’s the environment, animal abuse, domestic abuse, mental health, politics, social reform, and more.

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What did you think of the music video? What are your thoughts on the message of the music? We gave you our opinion, so talk to us either in the comments down below or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @TheHoneyPOP

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