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Did You Enjoy BANG BANG CON?! Here’s How To Enjoy BANG BANG CON The Live

Did You Enjoy BANG BANG CON?! Here’s How To Enjoy BANG BANG CON The Live

Are you sad that you missed the first BTS BANG BANG CON due to the time difference? Do not fear for BANG BANG CON! The Live is here with new features!

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First Things First

The first BANG BANG CON happened on the 18th and 19th of April, which involved ARMY watching the concerts via BANGTANTV, on their YouTube Channel they announced that they’ll be visiting our rooms again this June.

Last month ARMY was informed of when and where BANG BANG CON The Live performances will be streamed and where it can be purchased.

We all enjoyed BANG BANG CON for free through their YouTube Channel. This time around it’s different! ARMY will be able to watch BANG BANG CON: The Live via a private link that can only be accessed with your Weverse account details. You also have to have purchased the live via Weverse Shop (you can also watch it again after the live).

This can be streamed on your PC or your mobile phone! Yes, that’s right ARMY! BANG BANG CON The Live is Mobile and PC compatible! You can find out more information on the BANG BANG CON  streaming website.

Plus, you’ll be able to view the concert with a new feature called multi-view, it’s an all-access pass that gives army access to different camera angles that lets you experience the performance in the best way possible! Talk about an upgrade!

Here are some reactions from ARMY:

Buy your ticket before the 14th! Stay tuned on Weverse for more information! And most importantly, enjoy!

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What are you excited about the most? What songs are you hoping they perform? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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For More About BTS:

Featured Image: courtesy of BTS on Weverse

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  • would anyone like to take pity on me & walk me through getting a ticket for bang bang con on weverse ? I have a weverse account & have made purchases on it before, but now when I try to go to the weverse shop, all I’m getting is a code to scan…not helpful since I’m on a PC (windows 10). I freely admit I an incapable….help !?

  • Oh thanks so much for directing me to the mobile app for purchasing ! I was able to do that, but my next issue is how to get bang bang con to my computer for viewing…do you know how I can do that ?


  • I need help figuring out how to rewatch bang bang con after it streamed. I bought my ticket, but wasn’t able to watch the whole thing, so I really want to rewatch it. If anyone knows how to stream bang bang con after the first time please let me know.

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