‘Some Things’ We Love About Mali-Koa

‘Some Things’ We Love About Mali-Koa

Mali-Koa has given us another touching, feeling-filled single called ‘Some Things’. If you didn’t catch our impression on our Fresh Music Friday then we suggest you check that out first. Today to celebrate Mali-Koa and her latest single we decided to make a little list of ‘Some Things’ we love about her.

Down To Earth

This part can go without explanation. From the way Mali-Koa presents herself on social media to her conduct in interviews. She’s really in tune with her emotions and isn’t afraid to explore the lesser talked about topics. Overall a very refreshing change from the usual!

via Mali-Koa IG

This song is about all the times I’ve broken up with someone and thought, ‘I need to change my hair, reinvent myself and cut the carbs.’ I’m constantly clutching at change in the hope to feel better, especially at the end of a relationship. “Some Things” is about finally admitting that with time comes healing and change, but equally a lot of moments or feelings aren’t as easy to forget.


Instagram Feed

Just one glance and you know what colors this girl resonates with, not only is the layout perfectly color focused (whether intentional or not) but this little tidbit goes along with our first statement. Neutral and cooler colors just go to show this girl is down to Earth in all senses of the word. She just puts off a put-together vibe and we are so here for it.

In Tune With Fans

At every turn, she sees the fans and she embraces them. This is just one example of how aware she is of the fans and how they are affected by her music. While you can call this being down to Earth there is just something a little extra special about the connection she has.

The Music

And finally, what would we do without the music? This little number has sure done a number on us. We are falling in love with the lover that is Mali-Koa. You can tell she has a big heart. Poetry brought to life before our eyes. Check out ‘Some Things’ by Mali-Koa.

What do you think of the song? What’s something you love about Mali-Koa? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below or on social media on Facebook, Instagram, or in a tweet @TheHoneyPOP


Featured Images: Courtesy of Lucid Group and Mali-Koa via Twitter

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