Celebrate Pride With These Movies And TV Shows

Celebrate Pride With These Movies And TV Shows

We’ve officially made it to June, which means we are at the half-way point of this hellish year. While the year continues to through disasters and tragedies at us and we are in no place to celebrate, we do think it is important to honor that June is Pride month.

And while we can’t go out and celebrate with friends and family like we usually do, and we don’t want to speak over the very important Black Lives Matter movement that is occurring, we also want the LGBTQ+ community to remain proud, especially in the month of Pride.

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Since Pride isn’t going to be as big as it usually is, we thought we’d help you bring the celebration inside your home, with a list of movies and TV shows you can watch. This Pride Celebration list includes movies and TV shows that were created by LGBTQ individuals, film and shows that feature LGBTQ characters and storylines, and films and shows that educate us on the LGBTQ movement and Pride in general.

We hope this list provides you will the uplifting and inspiring content you deserve as you celebrate Pride from home. And don’t be afraid to browse Netflix and the internet for even more movie and tv selections for your Pride Movie Night.

For Family Viewing…

Image Source: Disney+ | Netflix

Andi Mack —- This show is special because its the first Disney Channel show to feature a gay storyline from the main character. It’s also the first time the words “I”m gay” were said on Disney Channel. 

Diary of a Future President —– While this show is only in its first season we’re already getting a glimpse into Bobby’s realization that he may have feelings for one of his best friends.

One Day At A Time —– Not only does One Day At A Time feature a lesbian Cuban-American teenager but she also happens to be dating Syd, her non-binary Syd-nificant other. 

For Teens And Young Adults..

Image Source: Ben Rothstein/Twentieth Century Fox | Netflix

Booksmart —-While not explicitly about the LGBTQ, this film does feature a lesbian character who is still coming to terms with her sexuality.

Dear White People —- This Netflix original follows a group of black college students at a predominately white university, who are still dealing with issues. In addition to detailing the struggles black college students face, the show also gives us insight into the lives of LGBTQ black college students.

Everything Sucks —- Set in the 90s, this series features a young teenage girl, while trying to fit-in in high school, and is also trying to figure out her sexuality.

Love, Simon —- Hailed as the first teen gay rom-com, this film explores what it is like to be outed in high school and how hard it is to find love when everyone else is still figuring out who they are.

Love, Victor —- Premiering on Hulu on June 19th, Love, Victor is the series based on the Love, Simon film. While we don’t know much about it, we do know that is going to follow the life of a young teen who has just moved into a new town and is trying to fit in while also figure out their sexuality.

Never Have I Ever —- While not the main character, this Netflix series by Mindy Kaling does feature a young black student who realizes she is not straight. Though her coming out story is not the main focus of the series, it is an important one to watch.

The Bold Type —- Kat Edison is one of the three main characters in this Freeform series. Over the course of the series, Kat goes on a journey with her sexuality, that includes challenging her prior beliefs, facing discrimination from the very LGBTQ community she belongs to, and ultimately learning that sexuality is fluid and that labels can change.

The Fosters —- The Adams-Foster family is a two-mom household that never strays away from telling the truth. In addition, the show has featured young characters exploring their sexuality and frequently shines a light on the transgender experience for teens and young adults.

The Half Of It —- Netflix’s latest teen film explored the question: “What happens when two friends fall for the same girl?” The film does an excellent job outlining how complicated and how all-consuming feelings can be for teenagers.

For Mature Viewers…

Image Source: Netflix | HBO

Broad City — While not explicitly a queer show, the series did actively tell queer storylines even if they weren’t totally transparent. One thing we love about this series is that Ilana’s sexuality was allowed to change over time just like it does in the real world.

Brokeback Mountain —- One of the things that is so groundbreaking about this film is that it was allowed to be both masculine and gay which was revolutionary at its time. And while these two cowboys never refer to themselves as lovers its very clear that they are.

Euphoria —- While some shows aim to depict queer love as this perfect and fairy-tale moment, Euphoria tells the truth … that love is messy. In addition it fully commits to the idea that sexuality is a spectrum with characters actively refusing to label themselves.

Gentrified —- While not centered on sexuality, Gentrified provides an interesting look on what happens when a person is both latinx and queer.

Moonlight —- While many might remember this film for the Oscar debacle, Moonlight is so much more than that. It’s a coming-of-age story that details the life of a young gay black man who is growing up in Miami, Florida.

Tangerine —- This indie film is special for a lot of reasons but mostly importantly because it follows two transgender sex workers in a comedic and positive light. We are so used to seeing transgender characters and sex workers portrayed in a negative light that its refreshing to see them get to have fun.

Pose —- While we might think we know everything there is to know about drag culture, this Netflix series depicts what ballroom culture in the 1980s was like for African-American and Latinx LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming participants.

If You Want To Learn More About The LGBTQ Movement…

Image Source: Netflix | ABC | Focus Features

Dallas Buyers Club —- This 2013 biopic tells the story of Ron Woodroof who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the mid 1980s when the disease was highly stigmatized and under-researched. In order to change that, Woodroof participates in an underground AIDS treatment movement.

Milk —- This biopic follows the life of Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist and the first openly gay person to every be elected to public office in California.

The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson —– The first Pride was a riot and Marsha P. Johnson was there at Stonewall fighting for LGBTQ rights. This Netflix film explores her suspicious death in 1992.

Visible: Out On Television —- This Apple TV+ original documentary, takes a look at the LGBTQ movement through the lens of American TV. It explores the lives of LGBTQ people in front and behind the camera as they fight for their right to be represented in the American television landscape.

When We Rise —- This ABC documentary miniseries tells the history of the LGBT rights movement in the United States from the 1970s to the 2010s, through a historical lens. The series introduces us to fictionalized real life LGBTQ activist as they struggle personally, physically, and politically to fight for gay rights.

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You asked for a list of movies and tv shows to watch to celebrate Pride and we gave you one hell of a list! We highly encourage all our readers to watch at least one of these extremely diverse and important pieces of media this month. And of course, this list is just a recommendation and starting off point!

While LGBTQ activism and representation has come a long way, there is still work to be done. That is why it’s so important that we show Hollywood that we want LGBTQ inclusive stories and characters. Everyone deserves to see themselves represented and the only way to ensure this is to watch the shows and films that are already out there.

It is our hope that our list of movies and tv shows to watch during Pride will help all of you feel represented, included, heard, and hopefully even help you stay informed.

So, what movies or tv shows on our Pride recommendation list will you be watching? Were there any movies or tv shows we left off that you think should have been included? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us  @TheHoneyPOP!

For more info on Pride and LGBTQ Activism:

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