Only The Poets are ‘Waking In The Dark’!

Yes, they’re our favourites at the moment. If you’re a Louis Tomlinson fan (or should we say a Louie?), you must have heard of them somehow, as they’re his European opening act. But not only. And for all of you Legends, as they like to call their fans, we have huge news! The boys are coming back this Friday, June 5th, with a brand new single. And this time, Only The Poets are ‘Waking In The Dark’.

We keep ‘Waking In The Dark’…

After the release of their previous successful singles, including ‘Even Hell’, ‘Ceasefire’ or ‘Emotional’, Only The Poets are back with a brand new single called ‘Waking In The Dark’.

Tommy, the singer of the band, explained that he got inspired by the Mental Health Awareness Day (October 10th). He realized while reading the messages on social media that he had been struggling with his mental health.

That day I wrote ‘Waking In The Dark’ it’s about how it’s okay not to be okay and a reminder to myself to reach out to people, as you won’t be judged. It’s a message to everyone that you absolutely aren’t alone.”


In addition to that, the sound highlights this message of hope and support in the most pleasant way. The beat is steady, low, and Tommy’s special tone of voice only makes it sweeter. Therefore, it’s a message to all of us, a song for all of us. We’re positive you can only love it the way we do.

Only The Poets are 'Waking In The Dark'!
Featured Image Source: Artwork created by two fans, Courtesy of You Know Music Management

Exciting news coming our way

You thought that was it? No, we’ve got way more for you! First of all: Only The Poets’ first EP is on its way! Consequently, you can help and support them by buying bundles of merchandising here!

Secondly, the boys and their new dedicated update accounts will be throwing a streaming party of ‘Waking In The Dark’ today! Here’s how you can participate: head to their Twitter account, follow their Spotify playlists and account, and stream as much as you can! Fans (including us) set a streaming goal up to 100K streams: if the song reaches this aim, the guys will release a brand new song in four weeks! And we bet you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Last but not least: the boys will be headlining a show on their own in their hometown Reading on December 8th, and you can grab your tickets here!

Only The Poets are 'Waking In The Dark'!
Featured Image Source: Courtesy of You Know Music Management

A reminder about Only The Poets

In case you, unfortunately, didn’t know about Only The Poets, we’ve got you covered. The band unites four lovely guys: Jarred, Andrew, Marcus and Tommy. They come from Reading, Berkshire, and have been making music for many years. Above all, their sounds are mostly pop/rock with hints of indie and put the venues they play on fire!

Even though the band is unsigned, they have already achieved proper goals in the music industry. First thing first, they reached more than 7000 followers and 25 000 monthly listeners on Spotify! They also sold out a headline tour all over the UK including London Scala and a student house party tour.

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And for those who still didn’t know, they started Louis Tomlinson’s World Tour last March, that they yet have to continue, with the first two European shows in Spain! They will be tagging along for the whole European part, and we’re sure you’re going to lose your minds on their set if you’re lucky enough to go!

Only The Poets are 'Waking In The Dark'!
Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Samuel Jackson, You Know Music Management

Now that you’re all up to date with the band and their news, we hope you’re as excited as we are about that new release! We remind you that Only The Poets are ‘Waking In The Dark’ today and that they will be revealing their EP soon!

What about you: did you listen to the new single? Did you like it? Are you looking forward to seeing the boys on stage? Leave us a comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Header Source: Courtesy of You Know Music Management

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