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A Brief Run-Through of Seventeen’s Hit The Road Eps. 9-12

A Brief Run-Through of Seventeen’s Hit The Road Eps. 9-12

Seventeen’s Hit The Road has officially ended, we are sad it’s over but we know there is more to come and we also got a song!

As we near the end of Seventeen’s docuseries we see…

Episode 09: If I Walked At My Own Pace

Vernon heads to a record store, and ended up picking up 5 records, one was Magdalene by fka twigs!. Vernon discusses after that a bit of how he either keeps things in or expresses them. He says when he is having a hard time he doesn’t try to hide it, but at the same time doesn’t go around talking about it. He explains how he has his own way of expressing his affection and himself, to the people he trusts and loves.

He always travels with all his equipment to make and record music because he always wants to improve. Woozi being his fellow music maker and producer says he’s proud of him. Saying how he could adapt to a new setting and still make music. We can’t wait for the new music!

Episode 10: A Time To Face Myself

Though The8 initially felt alone when he first headed to Korea, he now believes that it was destiny and fate to be where he is. He goes on to describe Seventeen as his youth, and that his everything is them. When he’s with the group he feels strong feelings towards his dream and future. He also loves that Seventeen and Carats send each other the energy we have.

We celebrate his birthday this episode, he was thankful that so many people celebrated with him. The8 also discusses that he had found it hard to control his emotions, but he did find a solution. When he doesn’t know how to express his emotions he turns to drawing, reading, fashion, and photography. He wants to be able to express himself more to fans through his art. We’ll keep sending you the energy you need!.

Episode 11: Come To Me

He’s back! Jeonghan is back on tour saying he will be doing his best on stage. When he was sick he felt as if he was not performing the best he could for Carats. He goes on to talk about when his health started going down and said a small amount of stress would flare it up. Doing shows can be hard for them, especially when they don’t feel good, but Carats give them energy which makes them feel recharged.

Jeonghan wants to learn Japanese to help improve the group. He also changed his moto, he used to say he’ll just go where life takes him, but now says “Life can take me anywhere, but I’ll still work hard”. We’re so happy you’re back Jeonghan!

Episode 12: When I Walk On A Dark Night Road

Jun couldn’t go to the concert because he was sick and felt sorry for the Carats who went to see them. He talks about the hardest part for him as a trainee was the language barrier since he didn’t really learn it in school, he had to practice it at night. He and Joshua would hang out a lot and learned Korean together. He talks about learning somethings from the members and wanting to portray certain aspects of them. Jun says he is different depending on who he is with, saying he’s more direct to people he’s close with. Which often gets him in trouble.

He considers himself somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to his dancing. So he often changes up certain ways he dances for tour, it helps keep the same passion for every performance. We can see how much passion you have Jun!

Episode 13: I’ll Be With You Till The Finish Line

DK says the biggest driving force behind his passion and energy is the members. When the group has a positive attitude, it makes him feel good. He feels upset at the thought of the fans being disappointed in their performance. Jun says that DK always holds himself to a higher standard because he has a lot of passion for it. The members also talk about his passion for singing and how it’s inspiring.

DK says his most memorable moment was when Carats sang ‘Smile Flower’ to him, he felt all their energy. He wants to thank Carats for their love for what svt is doing, but says words don’t repay it. As a thanks, next time they visit DK says they’ll put on a superb concert. We can’t wait to see you guys again!

Epilogue: Us, Again

The group discusses being sad that they couldn’t do the whole tour they anticipated. But know it’s the right thing to do for everyone’s health and safety. They never thought they would do a world tour. They had a lot of expectations for it like, showing their growth, how good they are and what they could deliver to Carats. They all share really nice words about what the members mean to them. They also have a lot of sweet words to Carats, thanking them for everything.

Some Of Our Fav Tweets

A Brand New Song For An Ending

As we reached the end we were gifted a brand new song ‘Us, Again’. Some Carats were quick to point out that the lyrics they sing, are the quotes at the end of every episode. Also, the lyrics are in Seventeen’s handwriting! How cute is that? So, be sure to check that out!

What was your favorite moment(s) from Seventeen’s Hit The Road series? What do you think of ‘Us, Again’? Did it melt your hearts as it did ours? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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