Positivity Place: Cash Money Pays June Rent For Hundreds, Music Pays My Rent Apparel To MusiCares, & Gratitude Compilation

Positivity Place: Cash Money Pays June Rent For Hundreds, Music Pays My Rent Apparel To MusiCares, & Gratitude Compilation

Welcome to our Positivity Place, where we’ll be keeping you updated on all things that could make your day a little brighter. This might become your new favorite place, as it has become ours! We created this to put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart, so here’s some news to make your day better!

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Cash Money Records Pays June Rent For Hundreds Of Tenants In New Orleans

We’ve all got our struggles with money, and rent is the thing that takes the most out of our paychecks. With COVID-19 and all other world events occurring, it’s even harder to deal with. Cash Money Records saw what they could do to help in New Orleans and did it. They’ve donated over $225,000 to Forward Together New Orleans! It’s a non-profit that fills urgent community needs and helps with finding available resources.

Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams of Cash Money Records has been doing good for years, always giving what they can to give back. We could never thank them enough for always giving so much. Check out what they said about it all below!

The legacy of Cash Money belongs to the city of New Orleans. There’s nothing more important to us than giving back to the brothers and sisters who live on those same streets we grew up on – from musicians to service workers to everyday working families. That’s what this label was always about.

Bryan “Birdman” Williams

New Orleans made us and is part of who we are. We are devastated that this pandemic is hitting our community there so hard and we are committed to doing what we can to help now and in the long term.

Ronald “Slim” Williams

Music Pays My Rent, An Apparel Brand Donating 10% Of Proceeds To MusiCares

Concerts and gigs haven’t started up again yet, so lots of artists are left without the money they’d usually use to pay their rent. MusiCares is an amazing organization that helps artists in need right now. Music Pays My Rent is a new apparel brand that is donating 10% of proceeds to MusiCares! Made by Katy DuBois, Music Pays My Rent was inspired by artists coming together to reach their dream. Products include t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, phone cases, and face masks!

I wanted to celebrate people turning their passions into their careers. For artists, songwriters, producers, stagehands, managers, and so many more, every hand in the industry works together for a greater goal: to bring entertainment, happiness, and connection to people through music. With the ongoing pandemic, concerts across the globe have been canceled, resulting in a financial ripple effect to the artists and thousands of people that make their livelihood through live events.

Katy Dubois

You can check out Music Pays My Rent here, and you can also check out MusiCares here!

Gratitude Compilation That’s Donating All Proceeds To NHS Charities Together

Don’t you just love it when bands come together for good causes? Over 80 alternative bands came together with Deadfall Artist/Band Management, Secret Sin Records, and Cage Studios to create this gratitude compilation to raise money for NHS Charities Together during COVID-19! Since so many bands wanted to be a part of it, the compilation was split into two halves, the first part and the second. They’ve even got a renowned artist to make the artwork, John D’Anter!

Image source: John D’Anter

Check out Gratitude Part 1 here, and Gratitude Part 2 here! All of the proceeds made will go to NHS Charities Together. The minimum suggested donation is £7.99 if you can donate!

That’s it for this Positivity Place! We hope you found something to give you a little hope and crack a smile. Let us know if you liked this article by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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