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At Home, Online, Together or Apart, The Honey POP’s Pride Playlist Will Keep the Party Alive Wherever You Are!

At Home, Online, Together or Apart, The Honey POP’s Pride Playlist Will Keep the Party Alive Wherever You Are!

It’s pride month and though this year’s celebrations are going to be different than usual, it doesn’t mean we won’t be partying on at home! Music is a massive part of the pride party and so we’ve created a playlist full of both queer and ally artists to blast all of June (and whenever because pride never truly stops!). In our playlist you’ll find songs of acceptance, identity, and celebration. Whether you’re hosting a virtual pride or just looking to spice up your playlist with queer-friendly songs, we’ve got it all!

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‘Lights Up’ – Harry Styles

A song about identity and self-acceptance, it’s no wonder that so many of Harry’s LGTBQIA+ fans could relate to the lead single from his latest album Fine Line. This is a song that’s slowly developing into a modern-day anthem for many and unites us in being able to embrace who we are.

‘Loving Someone’ – The 1975

A song that The 1975 has often dedicated to their LGBTQIA+ fans, ‘Loving Someone’s’ lyrics urge the listener to just love and give love, no matter the gender, sexuality or identity. Our hearts truly burst with pride whenever we hear it!

‘Secret Love Song Pt II’ – Little Mix

A continuation from their single ‘Secret Love Song’, major allies Little Mix dedicated this special version of the song to their LGBTQIA+ fans and often perform it with a beautiful rainbow aesthetic on tour. Full of emotional truths, the song truly resonates with the community and makes many feel heard. Grab your tissues for this one!

‘Answer: Love Myself’ – BTS

BTS are the kings of preaching the message of self-love and acceptance and we think this song is perfect for pride month to remind you that you are valid and worthy of loving yourself for who you are.

‘Rain On Me’ – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Pop royalty Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande dropped what could arguably be the song of the year with ‘Rain On Me’. The anthem sings about persevering through your struggles and remembering that things will get better. The pop banger is perfect for any pride party and you can catch us on Zoom bopping away with our friends!

‘End of the Day’ – One Direction

This song from One Direction‘s last album really resonated with fans with the lyrics “all I know at the end of the day, is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way” in particular feeling like a message of support from the boys, who have always been supportive of their queer fans.

‘You Need To Calm Down’ – Taylor Swift

This is really quite the modern-day anthem for pride. Taylor brought in so many LGBTQIA+ icons for this music video and is a major banger that claps back at the queerphobic people out there and we are truly living for it.

‘Superpower’ – Adam Lambert

This ’70s funk-inspired bop is truly one that deserves a space on your playlist this pride month, with even Adam himself dubbing the track a “proud rebellion” and empowerment anthem for groups who are discriminated against. We feel the power!

‘Dive’ – Victoria Monét

This sexy R&B bop from Victoria Monét is one to get your hips grooving. The bisexual icon wrote this song from a same-sex relationship point of view and honestly it just high key slaps.

‘Heart Attack’ – LOONA/Chuu

Before their official debut, LOONA’s Chuu released an iconic music video titled ‘Heart Attack’. Immediately making Orbits and non-Orbits fall in love with it. Throughout the mv then newest member Chuu is seen following and watching other member, Yves. That along with the cute lyrics about seeing someone you love and the rest of the mv, you can assume that Chuu has a crush on Yves. Both the song and music video mean a lot to the group’s evergrowing LGBTQIA+ fanbase and is a perfect edition to any pride playlist.

‘Graveyard’ – Halsey

All relationships can be problematic at times, and what you love can cause you harm. This song lands on our list because it can be especially true for LGBTQIA+ people, whether it be disapproving family, unsupportive friends, or simply the relationship itself. Presented with many more obstacles to overcome, this song reminds us that love isn’t easy, sometimes it hurts. Halsey tells us to love selflessly, but also to love our selves.

‘Lucky Strike’ – Troye Sivan

The summer, the beach, a beautiful blonde boy, and his buff beau. A perfect song for the season, and perfect for our Pride Playlist. Troye Sivan wants his love to tell him ALL the ways to love him. His vocals-his vibe certainly won’t burn out like a ‘Lucky Strike’.

‘I Believe You’ – Fletcher

A heartfelt ballad surrounding the ‘Me Too’ movement, Fletcher‘s song is here to remind you that someone is on your side. Reminding us that it’s okay to speak up about things that are haunting us. Someone has been there, and someone will believe your truth.

‘Rendezvous’ – Miss Benny

Self-coined “Top-Shelf Twink” we know Miss Benny is the perfect piece for our Pride Playlist. Using an old school video for this song and some fancy fine cowboys. All about a rendezvous with a special someone, Miss Benny is unapologetically himself with fire vocals (and makeup!)

‘Finally Free’ – Niall Horan

The lyrics to Niall Horan‘s ‘Finally Free’ are something that many can relate to in terms of finding your identity, coming out, and being comfortable in yourself. The plucky soundtrack has plenty of Niall’s fans feeling though they are able to use the song to express themselves, giving it a new meaning for many.

‘Tell Me How You Rly Feel’ – Adam&Steve X Lostboycrow

An electro-pop-bop vibe, this song is all about love and the games that follow. Adam&Steve want to know how you really feel, and that the games gotta go. A song for volume up-windows down road trips.

‘She’ – Hayley Kiyoko

The song opens, “She acts like she’s in 7th grade, but actually she’s 20-gay …” and continues with the story of someone trying to find acceptance in herself and others. ‘She’ is relatable for those of us who have fought with the internal battle of coming out, and fearing rejection of those we love. But then realizing to be ourselves we have to let people know who we are and accept that if they do not embrace us for being who we are, then it’s they who have the issue. Not us.

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‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ – Panic! At The Disco

Written about the exploration of sexuality and casual sex, this banger is one that many can relate to when it comes to the complexity of discovering your identity. The song inspired Panic! At The Disco‘s fans to create a fan project at the shows to hold up rainbow hearts during the performance.

‘Closer’ – Tegan & Sara

Even after eight years since the release, ‘Closer’ is a refreshing fast-paced pop bop about wanting to get ‘Closer’ to that special someone. Allowing yourself to be emotionally and physically vulnerable and lay your feelings out on the table. Our hearts are full and cannot deny this is a real pride classic – it truly slaps!

‘Parents’ – Yungblud

‘Parents’ by Yungblud a track that is more of an anthem for our generation, “Parent’s ain’t always right” and when it comes to someone telling you who you are- that’s never right. You are you, and you’re AMAZING!

‘Party XXO’ – GLAM

Penned by a pre-debut Kim Namjoon of BTS, this is one of the biggest KPOP pride anthems that we can surely strut our stuff to. With lyrics such as “are you a girl? Are you a boy? I don’t care, passion is key”, we are all for this big bop and it truly brings the essence of pride to the party.

‘Feels Like Home’ – Bea Miller, Jessie Reyez

The music video to ‘Feels Like Home’ is a forward statement and we need more of it. Inclusion, diversity, and a look at a more rounded-out view of reality. The lyrics “But if you ask me where I’m from I say you cuz you feel like home. Home… Feel like I’m at home…” tell us what love really is and should be. Whatever definitions are spout at you at the end of the day love is where you feel at home, with whomever and wherever that may be.

Which of these songs say “pride” to you? How will you be celebrating this year? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Jazmin Williams, Dani King, Jodie-Rose Loren, Valerie Valdez, Dakota Ash

Featured Image Source: Jazmin Williams

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