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Here’s How Stan Twitter Has Utilized Their Platform to Support the George Floyd Protests and the Fight Against Racism

Here’s How Stan Twitter Has Utilized Their Platform to Support the George Floyd Protests and the Fight Against Racism

Stan Twitter Black Lives Matter

Since the death of George Floyd, the conversation online has been to raise awareness of his death as well as the Black Lives Matter campaign. We’ve seen all sorts of communities come together in ways to be supportive, educate one another, and protest – both off and online. One of these communities is stan Twitter, which quickly sprung to action.

Anyone on the social media site knows how powerful stan Twitter can be – from trending pretty much any topic they want in minutes to arranging projects to help promote their favorite artists, so having such a vocal community participating in such a crucial movement has definitely had its benefits.

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Numerous fandoms and individuals dispersed different ways for their community to campaign, donate, and educate during such a crucial time in what is undoubtedly an important part of history. Their capability to get content viral within minutes is one of the many skills that stans have put into practice in order to be part of the ongoing fight against racism and raising awareness of many fatalities such as that of George Floyd.

KPOP stan @dehyedration used the webpage platform carrd as a way to share important and useful links including fundraisers, petitions, plus educational information as an easy-to-follow information spot where people could access everything in one place. The link has since been shared by celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Jae from Day6, Mark from GOT7, 5SOS, and Taylor Swift.

The carrd also links to another carrd created by fellow KPOP stan @haechnkr that talks about the “junk terror bill” – which is an anti-terrorism legislation the government of the Philippines just approved which has been criticized by the UN as “making things much worse”. The bill will allow someone to be detained for possibly more than three weeks without a warrant, including minors. The carrd serves as a master list to inform others and offer a number of petitions to sign and emails to send.

Both carrds link out to petitions on – with one calling for justice for George Floyd becoming the most signed petition ever on the site with more than 16 million signatures. According to a spokesperson for, petitions were up 112% in the last week of May compared to the same week in 2019.

Despite George Floyd’s story being the one to dominate the media due to the video evidence of his death, there are still many more people just like George who deserve justice that haven’t received the kind of coverage, meaning their stories have gone unnoticed by the general public. 5SOS and Rihanna stan @GabriellaSFox was wary of this and created a powerful thread full of petitions of black people who are still very much in need of justice. Speaking on Twitter, Gabriella says that “so many blacks are serving huge sentences for either a crime they didn’t commit or a crime that doesn’t correlate to their sentence, and they need our help.”

The community of stan Twitter were quick to pick up on this thread and began to retweet it, and has began to get attention from bigger accounts and even Nia Lovelis of Hey Violet.

Many fandoms on stan Twitter have also created projects in order to support the movement and fight against racism. Following the news of BTS‘s hefty $1 million donation that was made last week, the BTS ARMY managed to work together through the One in an ARMY project and matched the donation within less than 24 hours.

The fundraiser created by the fan project @OneInAnARMY quickly matched their idols’ donation which sees the funds split to various groups such as Black Lives Matter Global Network, Reclaim the Block, NAACP, Movement for Black Lives and ColorofChange to name a few.

There is all kinds of talent and creativity within fandoms so it’s no surprise that small businesses have been created with the inspiration of stan culture to create products and have gained a lot of popularity amongst the community. Many of these small businesses have taken their platforms of selling affordable apparel to help raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stores such as Shoplovesimply, Dress Yourself With Kindness, Fluid Kindness, and See The Way I See which are inspired by the likes of Harry Styles, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish have worked on empowering designs and donating up to 100% of their profits to the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to encourage more people to help support the cause.

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For those who are unable to afford to donate to the organisations and GoFundMe’s, a loophole has been found through the likes of YouTube videos.

A number of YouTubers have pledged to donate their Adsense on videos to the Black Lives Matter movement, with stans such as @sknmjeon7 creating lists on stan Twitter to encourage others to watch the videos all the way through without skipping ads.

As a whole, stan Twitter has proven once again how powerful of an online community it is and continues to support the movement, protests, and collectively working together to use their invincible platform for the greater good.

Here’s how you can support the Black Lives Matter movement.

To learn more about the Black Lives Matter Movement:

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