‘Friday The 13th’ Is Bringing A New Halloween To June And Getting Politically Active

‘Friday The 13th’ Is Bringing A New Halloween To June And Getting Politically Active

Ah yes, sweet sweet youth and rebellion. While it is true ‘Friday The 13th’ can fall in any month we’re pretty sure Halloween has her name all over it. From all things spooky here and there, the Gorillaz take a stand on today’s spooks and travesty.

Taking A Stand

Our fiction like cartoon buds has made their sentiments known when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement. We are pleased to tell you they stand with all of us on the right side of history. Did we expect any less?

Here are some statements from the band members themselves:

Every day starts in the dark, and ends in the dark, but in the middle there is light.

Russel Hobbs

‘Friday The 13th’

This newest collaboration features Octavian. His flow gets us in the right state of mind as images flash before our eyes. Psychedelic and meditative the lyrics really pull on the heartstrings of issues we’re facing. His rhythm got us really looking at the story he’s telling us. This is one trip we recommend you take. ‘Friday The 13th’, while not Halloween themed, brings the spirit of true hurts and horrors to light.

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Love the Gorillaz? There’s definitely more where that came from.


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Gorillaz Official YouTube

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Rachel Scott
1 year ago

LOVE the gorillaz!


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