‘Savage Anthem’ gets a Savage Animated Video

‘Savage Anthem’ gets a Savage Animated Video

PARTYNEXTDOOR just gave us an animated video for ‘SAVAGE ANTHEM.’ And after three years since the last album, we expected nothing less than the jam that is PARTYMOBILE.

The ‘SAVAGE ANTHEM’ animated video was directed by PIX3LFACE. It takes us on a surreal comic book-esque journey of PND in situations he depicts in his lyrics.

We are loving the vivid imagery we get with the story. Sometimes, it’s hard to connect lyrics and the imagery behind it, but PND shows us exactly what he wants us to see in both with the animated visuals.

The lyrics themselves are very honest and truthful. It’s a pleading for a significant other to not be waiting for this person to fall in love. It’s a hurtful truth that creates a magnificent song.

PARTYNEXTDOOR released album 'PARTYMOBILE' in March including 'SAVAGE ANTHEM'
Photo by Daniel Prakopcyk via Warner Records

The R&B/Soulful sound we hear from PND is incredible. But in the album, not only do we get PND, but we hear from huge stars like Drake, Rihanna, and Bad Bunny.

The whole album is a piece of art that we can’t get enough of. And if you haven’t heard ‘SAVAGE ANTHEM’ then you’re missing out!

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Featured Image Source: Grant Spanier via Warner Records

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