The Perks Of Listening To Laur Elle’s ‘Wallflower’

The Perks Of Listening To Laur Elle’s ‘Wallflower’

Has a song ever caught your attention so much that you just wanted to listen to it over and over? That’s us with Laur Elle’s ‘Wallflower.’ She released it back on May 22, and we’ve been addicted to the track ever since. It’s a dreamy indie alt-pop song, with poetic lyrics we find ourselves relating to.

Can we talk more about the lyrics? They’re so poetic and beautiful, making us fall in love with Laur Elle even more. “My thoughts are louder than the room that I’m in,” anyone with a mind can relate to that lyric at least at one point.

It’s a song that gets us all in our feels, as we can all find ourselves within the message of the song. Laur has found a way to put that feeling into an honest tone and voice, reminding us all of the times we felt like we were out of place. Not every artist is able to convey such an honest voice, but Laur does it seemingly effortlessly.

Listen to the song on Spotify here, and you can also check it out on SoundCloud here!

Laur has got us hooked on her sound now, and we’ll be looking out for her and any more new music on the way. After all, when we find new artists we love, we can’t just listen to only one song.

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To Learn More About Laur Elle:

Featured image source: Cover Art for ‘Wallflower’

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