Buckcherry Finally Legal: Celebrating 21 Years In Style

Buckcherry Finally Legal: Celebrating 21 Years In Style

The band Buckcherry has been going since 1999. That makes this year the 21st anniversary of the band’s debut, and we’re stoked for the celebration. Did you catch what happened in February? How about now this June?

We’ll catch you up in style, so grab a drink and relax, we got you 💜

Acoustic? We Hardly Know Her

February started off with the release of the Acoustic Sessions series Volume One. This re-release gave us acoustic versions of a couple of the classics. ‘Sorry’ and ‘Carousel’ but acoustic. Sound pretty great to us! Check out the songs down below or go see our thoughts on a previous Sweet Release.

Now it’s June, and we are getting the Acoustic Sessions Volume Two! This is what we’re really here for. Volume Two gives us ‘For The Movies’ and ‘Check Your Head.’

These stripped-down versions are pretty great. Taking us back to another point in Buckcherry’s history while celebrating the milestones of today. Acoustics give us a closer and raw connection to the instruments and vocals. Like rotating a diamond to find its shimmer we’re glad to know rocking keeps ongoing.

On top of all the acoustic rocking out, the band is writing the follow up to their 2019 release Warpaint. Have you listened? If not, we think it’s time to catch up!

Do you think we’ll see more Acoustic Sessions? Do you prefer the stripped-down versions or the originals? What about Warpaint? Pretty sweet stuff happening, so let us know in the comments down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Buckcherry:

Featured Image courtesy of Sand Hill Records

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