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To Celebrate 7 Years of BTS, Here’s 7 Career Highlights … So Far.

To Celebrate 7 Years of BTS, Here’s 7 Career Highlights … So Far.

Seven years. Seven boys. Countless memories. BTS are celebrating their seventh debut anniversary and what better way to celebrate than putting together some lists of seven – seven career-defining moments, seven songs, and all these seven themed sentences that would make your high school English teacher thrilled with all of this alliteration. Complete honesty, this list was a struggle to come up with and also emotional when you look back on all that BTS has achieved throughout the years. How do you pick just seven moments to highlight for the fantastic career that BTS has had (especially when 2018 alone could make up this list). After much back and forth and with help from some ARMY friends, we have picked seven career-defining moments for BTS. 

HYYH Charts on the Billboard 200

Peaking at No. 171 back in 2015, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 became the first BTS album to make its way onto the chart. This would only be the beginning for BTS with charting, as their albums now have a comfortable spot with each release since HYYH. Most recently, Map of The Soul: 7 broke the record for being the most pre-ordered South Korean album of all time (over 4.02 million) and peaked at No. 1. 

BTS Win Their First Daesang – Best Album of The Year 2016

Very few things will beat seeing BTS’ reactions to hearing that they had won Best Album of the Year at the 2016 Melon Music Awards. Between RM standing up in disbelief, the zoom in on Jin crying, V being seen mouthing “It’s us?” and the group hug at the end, this is a monumental moment for BTS. The boys’ genuine shock when they hear that they had won makes this memory of their first Daesang that more special. 

The Wings Tour

Wings Tour was the second world tour and showed what BTS had in store for the world. The tour sold out in minutes, causing many cities to add second dates, which were also sold out, not only in South Korea but in the US and South America too. Wings Tour kicked off at the beginning of 2017, and only a year later, BTS found themselves not only performing at these arenas around the world again, but also stadiums – they became the first Korean act to sell out Citifield, and eventually other venues such as Metlife and Wembly. 

Billboard and American Music Awards 2017

The end of 2017 was massive for BTS when it comes to taking on the western market. It was hard to pick an exact moment during this press trip, so the trip as a whole should be considered a highlight for their career, specifically the award shows. At the BBMA’s, the boys beat reigning champ Justin Bieber for the Top Social Artist Award, which they currently hold the record for the Most Weeks at No. 1. The AMA is where they had their first performance on American TV, treating the audience in-person and at home to the newly released ‘DNA.’ The boys captured the hearts of millions during these awards and set the tone for furthering their growth. 

The UN Speech

2018 was, without a doubt, an iconic year for the group. Out of the many achievements that BTS should be proud of, being invited to speak at the UN is most often brought up. For starters, they were the first K-Pop to be asked for this honor. It allowed for BTS to be able to show a side of themselves that ARMY is familiar with. There is a deeper meaning to their music and themselves in general. The group has always made themselves socially aware, for instance, partnering up with UNICEF for the ‘Love Myself’ anti-violence campaign. They have never been afraid to ask questions and speak for what they believe is right, and this speech impacted not just ARMY, but many non-fans as well. 

The Daesang Sweep

When many think that BTS can’t aim higher, they always do. This was proven in 2019 at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and The Melon Music Awards, where they became the first artists to win all the awards in the four major categories. The road has not been an easy one for BTS, and this is one of those moments that not only made history in the record books but also makes history in their lives on a deeper note. 

The 2020 GRAMMYs

While BTS were unfortunately not nominated for the GRAMMYs this past year, that still didn’t stop them from making history. You could say that BTS stole the show, as they were invited to perform with Lil Nas X (if you didn’t know, he and RM have a remix of his hit song, ‘Seoul Town Road’). Not only are they the first K-pop group to perform on the GRAMMY stage, but the stage is usually reserved for GRAMMY nominees. While they did have the joy of presenting the year before, we hope we get to see Suga’s wish of having the stage for their own performance come true soon. 

Seven Title Songs 

  • Spring Day
  • Fake Love 
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • I Need U
  • No More Dream
  • Black Swan
  • Fire

Seven B-Side Tracks

  • Paradise
  • We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal 
  • Tomorrow
  • Dionysus
  • Whalien 52
  • Butterfly
  • Magic Shop 

Seven Solo Songs

  • Epiphany – Jin
  • Just Dance – J-Hope
  • Shadow – Suga
  • Persona – RM
  • Lie – Jimin
  • Euphoria – Jungkook
  • Stigma – V

Seven Mixtape Tracks

  • Moonchild – RM
  • Blueside – J-Hope
  • Daydream – J-Hope
  • Give it to Me – Agust D
  • Airplane – J-Hope
  • Seoul – RM
  • Daechwita – Agust D

Seven Units

  • Jamais Vu – J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook
  • The Truth Untold – Vocal Line
  • Tear – Rap Line
  • Ugh! – Rap Line
  • Friends – Jimin + V
  • Ddaeng – Rap Line (Soundcloud)
  • House of Cards – Vocal Line

Seven Live Performances

  • 2018 MAMA – AIRPLANE PT. 2




2019 MMA



Seven MVs To Watch 

‘Fake Love’

‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’



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‘Just One Day’

‘Spring Day’

“We were only seven, but we have you all now.”

We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal

We wish BTS the best anniversary, and we are excited to see what the many years together will bring. We thank you, boys, for your music, the love you carry for your fans, and all the memories you have given us and will continue to do so. 

How are you celebrating BTS’ anniversary? Will you be watching Bang Bang Con Live this weekend? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: BigHit Entertainment via Facebook

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