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Niall Horan Hops on a Remix of Ashe’s ‘Moral of the Story!’ Here Are 7 Remixes Which Are Just as Good as the Originals

Niall Horan Hops on a Remix of Ashe’s ‘Moral of the Story!’ Here Are 7 Remixes Which Are Just as Good as the Originals


Though we are still vibing hard to Heartbreak Weather, our boy Niall Horan is someone who just keeps on giving! He’s just jumped on Ashe’s remix of ‘Moral of the Story’ and as far as remixes go, it truly is everything.

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Produced by GRAMMY Award-winning Finneas, the song chronicles a frail relationship that sees the couple fall in love with the idea of each other before the reality of who they are comes to light. Niall’s vocals harmonize perfectly with Ashe’s and create a chillingly beautiful remix of this song. We are seriously obsessed!

The song comes from Ashe’s double EP, Moral of the Story Chapters 1 & 2 and was featured on the Netflix Original To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You It flooded Shazam Top 200 Global and U.S charts with 1.4 million Shazams to date along with 250 million global streams, with Ashe amassing 5 million monthly Spotify listeners.

When it comes to remixes, we know they have high standards to try and meet from the original song, but we’re listing 7 remixes that we really thing have exceeded our expectations.

‘Reggaeton Lento (Remix)’ – CNCO ft Little Mix

When Spanglish songs first became hot, it wasn’t too long before Little Mix took to the trend, joining forces with CNCO to deliver a scorching hot remix of ‘Reggaeton Lento’, giving the song a summery sexy feel. We still can’t get over whenever the girls perform it on tour!

‘Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix)’ – BTS

We couldn’t get enough of ‘Mic Drop’ when it dropped on BTS‘s 2018 album Love Yourself: Answer and genuinely didn’t think it could get better. Enter world-class DJ Steve Aoki and his fire talent to give the track a makeover and it managed to get even better?! The remix gave a more aggressive production which truly excelled the hype anthem’s energy even further and we truly lose it whenever it comes on shuffle. A remix that is just *chef kiss*

‘Good As Hell (Remix)’ – Lizzo ft Ariana Grande

Potentially one of the hottest remixes of 2019 came from our queens Lizzo and Ariana Grande! Ari’s added verse to the already iconic Lizzo banger really made it the ultimate feel-good anthem, because what better than two modern-day legend-status divas to act as your hype women? Exactly.

‘Dream Boy (JNVA Remix)’ – Waterparks

Giving an infectious EDM remix to a pure pop song, JVNA made this Waterparks banger a club-friendly anthem that’s sure to lure you to the dance floor. We were already in love with Dreamboy’s original captivating pop track, but this new take really emphasizes the track’s catchy hooks and Awsten’s thought-provoking lyricism, really turning the remix into a smash in its own right.

‘Who Do U Love (Will.i.Am Remix)’ – Monsta X ft French Montana

We were already living for Monsta X dropping their international hit ‘Who Do U Love?’ Featuring French Montana but when entered the chat to create a powerhouse remix, we were floored. adds a new dimension as he flips the beat and offers a slick and swaggering verse to the KPOP banger.  Who do we love? The geniuses who made this remix possible! 

‘Savage Remix’ – Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyoncé

One of the hottest remixes of 2020 comes from the powerful Megan Thee Stallion with none other than Beyoncé. The two queens took what’s already a song the world can’t stop putting on replay and gave it the glow up we didn’t know we needed. Bey took raises the stakes of Meg’s OG track that’s oozing with charisma, cocksure verses, and blazing choruses and changed the tone to the swag rap and magnate talk that she’s known for. Each verse hits harder and heavier than the last, with the Huston duo delivering one hell of an ego-boosting track that we are adding to every playlist we make.

‘Without Me (ILLENIUM REMIX)’ – Halsey

Illenium gave a festival-ready remix of Halsey‘s powerful and personal track ‘Without Me’ adding a substantial future bass makeover. Halsey’s vocals and the content blend really well with Illenium’s sound, with the soft keys behind Halsey’s compelling hook as the foundation for an immense eruption of bass. The perfect delivery for EDM lovers!

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Ashe’s ‘Moral of the Story Remix’ featuring Niall Horan is out now

Are you loving Niall’s addition to ‘Moral of the Story’? What’s your favorite remix that competes with the original? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!



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