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MGK Strips It Down For ‘Bloody Valentine’ Acoustic

MGK Strips It Down For ‘Bloody Valentine’ Acoustic

MGK is back at it again, with another track to grace our ears. This time, for an acoustic rendition of the newly released single ‘Bloody Valentine’. This single is taken from an upcoming album Tickets To My Downfall. If you’re not a fan yet, hopefully, we have something to change your mind. Mastermind Travis Barker is producing and also features on the album, and honestly, we think that’s one hell of an added bonus. The track is a perfect addition to MGK’s massive collection of music, especially as he tests the waters that are pop-punk.

MGK also released a video to go along with the acoustic version. While it’s not the electrically-charged-sexually-tensioned scenes of affectionate but twisted romance between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, we still dig it. A LOT. The last time we talked about Megan Fox and MGK, their relationship was purely fictional. A cryptic tweet from our boy is started to make us believe otherwise. It must have been the foot scene that did him in, as they’ve officially confirmed it as photos of them together surfaced. We said before, and we will say it again, we are HERE for it. Talk about the hottest couple under the sun.

Machine Gun Kelly – ‘Bloody Valentine’ Acoustic

Alright, enough fangirling. Back to the music. Who doesn’t love a stripped-down version? Machine Gun Kelly showcases a whole different side of himself with this one, is he? in? love? A friendship with Travis Barker, Marylin Manson, and Pete Davidson, a blossoming relationship with Megan Fox? Our homie is T H R I V I N G!

If you haven’t yet, you really need to check out this single. Either version hits differently. Let us know which you prefer by commenting down below, or hitting us up on twitter @thehoneypop

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