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Lonely Diamond; A Collection Of Time And Pressure

Lonely Diamond; A Collection Of Time And Pressure

We all have greatly anticipated Ocean Alley dropping their album. In the months leading up to this point, we’ve gotten some real bangers. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what brought us to this epic release. Diamonds can only be made with insane pressure, and Lonely Diamond is no exception.

Behind The Smiles

It’s no secret that life on the road can be hard and beyond exhausting. This album is a result and manifestation of those isolating months.

We had a pretty hectic touring schedule and spent a lot of time traveling which made us feel isolated at times. That constant pressure to perform whilst also managing things back home took a toll differently on us all. For us, music is a way to escape those feelings and doing it together has really reinforced how important it is to lean on each other when we have to. Music is our way of unwinding and helps remind ourselves to have fun and enjoy life. Music has a special way of doing that.”

Ocean Alley

2. Tombstone
3. Way Down
4. Infinity
5. Up In There
6. All Worn Out
7. Stained Glass
8. Lonely Diamond
9. Wet Dreams
10. Hot Chicken
11. Puesta de Sol
12. Luna

On top of the album release, the band has a new visualizer for ‘Way Down.’ This makes the 4th video to come out for one of their songs. ‘Tombstone,’ ‘Infinity,’ and ‘Stained Glass’ all have a music video with a nice, little home flare. Check out the videos down below.


The perfect track to introduce you to the band! The video highlights some of their greatest moments and gives a little light, a feeling of nostalgia. If there were video playing for graves, this would be the greatest hits at the end of a very long and very fulfilling life. Twelve months in four minutes? Psh. Let’s do this.

‘Way Down’

A beautiful, lava lamp-style visualizer to get us in the right frame of mind. Staring into the depth, one can see many things. Beginning and end, there’s no telling what lies in the depth. Just drift on and on, “You’ve been lying face down, Tryna drift away in a sedation.” And that’s just what we do; we drift as we listen to music.


Guess you were right Things are really looking up from here, We start to fly Higher into the atmosphere.” The world is so huge and vast; infinity feels impossible yet so real. Sometimes taking the deepest breath and turning to the sky can give you that small release you were looking for. Fatigue and pressure fade away until we get peace. Whether it’s nature or taking a look at things in a slightly different way, this music video is pretty on point.

‘Stained Glass’

A new sun = a new day. Even if the deserts are so hot, they take your breath away. This visualizer is bright and screams long days; do they ever really fade into a night? “That’s why you shouldn’t take drugs ‘Cause you will be with the people. Untrustworthy people, not your friends.”

Live Chat

It’s pushing forward into the unknown… taking a journey to a different place or a different time that seems familiar or that you’ve been before and all the emotions and feels that come with that

Mitch Galbraith

On Sunday, June 21st, 7 PM EST, the band will be having a livestream plus a special treat for the fans. On YouTube, the 12-track visualizer will debut alongside the live chat. Be sure to catch Ocean Alley and their special visualizer set Sunday, June 21st!

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If you’re digging their funky music, go stream the album!

What do you think of Ocean Alley’s sound? Are you excited for Sunday’s Live? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Ocean Alley:

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of James Boss via PR

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