QUIZ: Which The Vamps Album Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life?

QUIZ: Which The Vamps Album Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life?

The Vamps are working hard to bring us new music, and they might just be the death of us as they tease their fans with new music all across social media. They are posting recording session pictures and possible song lyrics, though that isn’t confirmed. Waiting for them to drop something is agonizing. All we can say is WE WANT NEW MUSIC ALREADY!

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We are already so hyped for them to drop SOMETHING, ANYTHING. The band continues to taunt us, so we went on a nostalgic trip listening to their entire discography (like we don’t do that every day anyway,) and that struck inspiration inside us. Therefore, this quiz was born!

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We want to tell you which The Vamps album is the soundtrack of your life, who knows maybe your favorite album IS your life’s soundtrack. Well, Vampions and Vampettes, it’s time to find out! Let’s get this Vamps party started.

Which The Vamps Full Album Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life?

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We know why you're here, we love The Vamps, too!

While you've probably got a favorite album just as we do, we want to tell you which The Vamps album is the true soundtrack of your life.

Maybe your favorite album IS your life's soundtrack or maybe not, but the only way to find out is to take this quiz.

Whenever your ready ... let's go!

Choose A Song From Meet The Vamps :

1. 'Hurricane'
2. 'Can We Dance'
3. 'Girls On Tv'
4. 'Risk It All'

Choose A Song From Wake Up :

1. 'Burn'
2. 'Cheater'
3. 'I Found A Girl'
4. 'Boy Without A Car'

Choose A Song From Night & Day (Night Edition)

1. 'Same To You'
2. 'Middle Of The Night'
3. 'Sad Song'
4. 'It's A Lie'

Choose A Song From Night & Day (Day Edition):

1. 'Time Is Not On Our Side'
2. 'What Your Father Says'
3. 'Talk Later'
4. 'Hair Too Long'

Choose One Of These Collab Songs:

1. 'Somebody To You' feat. Demi Lovato
2. 'Too Good To Be True' feat. Machine Gun Kelly
3. 'Volcano' feat. Silento
4. 'Hands' feat. Sabrina Carpenter

Choose Your Favorite Album:

1. Wake Up
2. Night & Day (Day Edition)
3. Meet The Vamps
4. Night & Day (Night Edition)

Choose One Of These Extra Tracks:

1. 'If I Was Your Man'
2. 'My Life'
3. 'Naked'
4. 'Black And Blue'

Finally, Choose Your Favorite Band Member:

1. Brad
2. James
3. Connor
4. Tristan

All 8 questions completed!

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Which The Vamps Full Album Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life?

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So which album did you get? Is it the same as your favorite The Vamps album? We are dying to know! Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! You can find us on Facebook or Instagram!


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Thanks, Soundtracks are really nice to have and listen to most especially from our favorite and movies, tv shows, and series so I always appreciate any post telling me anything about soundtracks that I love.


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