‘Feel Good’ By Indulging In Our Latest Suggestion

‘Feel Good’ By Indulging In Our Latest Suggestion

‘Feel Good’ is the latest track to drop via Polo & Pan. This single is straight off their next EP, but we’ll give you more on that later. For now, let’s focus on you, on us. We’ve all been feeling that drag lately, haven’t we? Considering that you’re here reading this now, we know you’re a lover of music. Let’s dive into some ‘Feel Good’ sounds!

The French, electric duo hasn’t stopped their spiritual crawl through the universe. Hard at work, Polo & Pan bring us a light-hearted, feel-good track. The song is all about feeling yourself and your place in the world; Appreciating people you love and the world around you. It feels pretty good, man.

This single comes from an upcoming EP of the same name.

Feel Good EP

Out July 3rd.

1. Feel Good
2. Attrape-Rêve
3. Pili Pili
4. Peter Pan

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Noemi Ferst & Benjamin Moreau

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