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7 Unique Pieces of BTS Merch That Every ARMY Needs!

7 Unique Pieces of BTS Merch That Every ARMY Needs!

To get everyone ready for the Graphic Lyrics series us here at The Honey Pop have compiled a list of 7 new and unique BTS merch that are a must-have!

1. Galaxy Buds and/or the Galaxy S20

Can we talk about how big of a deal this is! Who else has a collaboration with a phone brand, that also includes custom made products? Besides being a limited edition, the Galaxy does come with a lot of limited offers.

Galaxy Buds Weverse USA

Galaxy Buds Weverse Global

Galaxy S20 BTS Edition

2. BTS X Stonehenge Moment of Night Birth Necklace

These aren’t only so cute, but also really sentimental! It can make you feel closer to the boys than you already are. It’s something you can wear everywhere and it’s such a nice keepsake.

BTS x Stonehenge Necklace

3. Rain Boots

We think we can speak for most people when we say how freaking dope the rain boots are!. They can come as ankle boots or as regular calf-length rain boots. These also come in the designs of ‘Idol’ and ‘Mic Drop’. So make sure to get yours because come on, you don’t have to wear them just when it’s rainy.

Lotte Mart New Stuff

4. BT21 Flower Shirts

You can’t go wrong with flower shirts. Especially shirts that come in 1-3 colors and have beautiful designs on them. Admit it, they stand out! You can get these in each of the BT21 characters: Tata, Chimmy, Cooky, Shooky, RJ, Koya, and Mang! Or you could get one with all of them on there! Choose wisely.

Line Friends New Arrivals

5. BTS Acrylic Clock Festa 2020

Okay okay, so has anyone ever told you “Hey you don’t need that BTS merch”, or “Why are you buying that”. Well, they can’t say that about a clock because who doesn’t need one? This BTS Acrylic clock is probably the best one you could get.

USA Weverse Acrylic Clock

Global Weverse Acrylic Clock


The cards might not be as new as the others on the list, but we thought we would still mention it. Here is where we slip in an updated UNO X BTS app, which is now out on iOS and the google play store. But if you haven’t already, please go out and get yourself the BTS UNO deck. You can find the deck in places such as Mattel, Walmart, Target, Amazon to name a few. First, their own deck design and now their own digital UNO deck. How iconic.



7. Graphic Lyrics Series

Now we wouldn’t have been making this list if it wasn’t for the new Graphic Lyrics series. Let us tell you a quick rundown of it. So, the series will be translating the music lyrics from 5 songs: ‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone’, ‘Save ME’, ‘House Of Cards’, ‘RUN’, and ‘Butterfly’. Just from the teasers alone, we can tell how beautiful this upcoming series will be.

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Weverse Shop Apps(android & ios) download

USA Weverse shop Graphic Lyrics Special Package

Global Weverse shop Graphic Lyrics Special Package

Hello ARMY!

We can’t wait for the new Graphic Lyrics series and we know you can’t either!

Are you going to be picking up any of the merch in the list or do you already have your hands on them? What song are you most excited to see in the series? Tell us in the comments down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!.

Check out or other stuff, we got you covered on everything BTS!

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Featured Image Source: BTS Weverse and Big Hit Entertainment

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