Loren Gray is Feeding Us Even More ‘Cake’

Loren Gray is Feeding Us Even More ‘Cake’

Loren Gray has released the acoustic version of her latest single, ‘Cake’ on her Youtube Channel! The singer has created a quarantine video for the stripped-back single, and we are loving it. Watch it here!

We love getting to hear Loren’s angelic voice to the tune of a good ole’ guitar. This song is sassy, fun, and confident. Loren gives us a real taste of her personality in the lyrics of ‘Cake.’ This single is definitely on its way to becoming a summer hit!

The original version of ‘Cake’ hit the internet in May, and we’ve been jamming ever since. Fans have been eating it up ever since! Loren details her independence in her new song. The lyrics talk all about wanting to go out and do her own thing regardless of what people think. You heard it here first! Girls do just want to have fun! If you want to see the original version of the song, here’s the music video! By the way, there’s also a Behind the Scenes video for super fans. Check it out!

Loren has been stealing our hearts all over the internet lately. She’s one of the top followed people on TikTok and has almost 20 million followers on Instagram. Despite her success, Loren gives off down to Earth vibes. She clearly loves her fans, friends, and dogs. And we love her!

Do you want more music from Loren Gray? Make sure to let her know online! Give us your thoughts on ‘Cake’ while you’re there! If you love the song, let us know on Facebook or Twitter at @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: Nicole Crystal via Universal Music Group.

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