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Studio Ghibli: The Price of Change

Studio Ghibli: The Price of Change

Our beloved Studio Ghibli is making some moves, as many of us may know, but how are we feeling? Change is inevitable, and we need to embrace it, but is advancement for advancement’s sake worth it? The storytelling strength of Studio Ghibli goes without comparison.

But what about the animation style?

Animation Style

Style matters. There have been moments where anime has changed studios or been rebooted, and fans were all pretty skeptical. Changing animation comes with advancement and growing technologies. A couple of classic examples are Fairy Tail and Fruits Basket.

You can find a ton of unique articles going into the differences between the two and the exact side by side, shot by shot comparisons. It’s truly amazing, but for now, we’re just going to tell you that change normally happens. As with these times, people talked and hung up on the idea, of course. In the end, however, the series was able to be completed, and we’re all happier about it.


Now, anime in general has its unique styles and look. Studio Ghibli has been the most consistent throughout the years, though. Even though the famous Ghibli film, Princess Mononoke, was the first film to get a small dose of CGI treatment, the creators stayed true to the hand-drawn feel. But can we still call it Japanese anime if we use only CGI?


Aya and The Witch

This movie seems to hold the spirit that Ghibli is known for. With a spirited young lady at the helm, we can expect growth and adventure. There are mystic and magic qualities here (witches, duh). Plus, there seems to be tons of room for amazing music if the band set up is any indicators. Strong-willed and ever running forward; isn’t that the Studio Ghibli way?

Without getting too deep in what makes Japanese anime, anime, Ghibli is known for its hand-drawn style. This new project will have the heart and soul, Hayao Miyazaki, planning, but his son Goro Miyazaki will be directing the project. Another thing to put fans at ease is that the story comes from Earwig and The Witch by Diana Wynne Jones. If that name still stumps you, then you must not love Howl’s Moving Castle. This Ghibli classic is also based on the book by Jones. There are some comforts to be seen, but fans are still understandably shocked and not all on the same page yet.

But with all things, there are loyal and dedicated fans ready for more story gold from the masters. While not every film is a hit, there is something in Studio Ghibli we all know, love, cherish, and recognize. Some believe it’s in the hand-drawn animation. Others believe in the storytelling prowess. Seems this film will really put those theories to the test, but remember, that’s just a theory… a film theory 😉

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