Monsta X Songs We Would Love To See Performed At Their Online Concert

Monsta X Songs We Would Love To See Performed At Their Online Concert

While COVID-19 may have prevented them from touring this summer, Monsta X from still performing for their fans hasn’t stopped. In addition to their lasting comeback of Fantasia, and their performance at KCON, the group has announced they will be holding an online concert on August 8th, 11 PM EST. Streaming on LiveXLive, fans can purchase tickets to watch the stream on June 26th, 8 AM EST, and not only will it give them access to the performance, but it will also provide them behind the scene access and include fan interactions.

The concert will have a mix of songs from the Korean Albums as well as their English titles. While we wait for the show, we decided to put together a setlist of songs that we would love to see Monsta X perform from their most iconic to their newest additions and some we feel deserve a little bit of extra love, whether for the online concert or in the future!

‘Chaotic’ – Fantasia X (2020)

Writer’s Note: This song as an opener for a tour would be very powerful.

‘Interstellar’ – Trespass (2015)

This unit was iconic. We have Joohoney and I.M. with their iconic lines, plus, we get wonderful lines from Hyungwon. It deserves to have a reprise.

‘Underwater’ – Take.1 Are You There (2018)

A fan favorite that deserves more love.

‘Flow’ – Fantasia X (2020)

While all the boys shine during this song, Minhyuk is just breathtaking. ‘Flow’ is his song.

‘Miss You’ – The Clan PT.2.5 (2017)

Another fan favorite that we never get tired of seeing.

‘All In’ – The Clan Pt. 1 (2016)

A classic and one that fans still have discussions over the many theories. We never got an exact answer over what theories were correct by the boys themselves, though.

‘Lost In The Dream’ – The Connect: DejaVu

If you’re a kpop fan, you have seen the video of Kihyun singing the bridge (and slaying it) on your timeline. It is a fan favorite for very good reasons.

5:14 (Last Page) – The Clan PT.2.5 (2017)

This song is very personal to both Monsta X and Monbebe. It is here for good reason.

‘Burn It Up’ – Follow: Find You (2019)

A powerful song, and Between the instrumental and vocals, it has everything we need for a killer performance.

‘Stealer’ – Take.2 We Are Here (2019)

The hype this song gives, it deserves to have its time in the spotlight.

‘Oh My’ – Take.1 Are You There? (2018)

Another fan favorite and another moment from Kihyun you have probably seen before (if you haven’t, look up Kihyun ‘Oh My’ fancam). It gets the crowd going, whether they’re in concert or at home rewatching the performances.

‘Blind’ – The Clan Pt.2 (2016)

Hyungon’s lines in this song, we must hear it live again.

‘X-Phenomenon’ – Phenomenon (2019)

Monsta X and known for their amazing Japanese tracks and seeing any of them performed would be the ultimate treat.

‘Tropical Night’ – The Code (2017)

Sorry, Minhyuk, the fans have spoken. Monbebe love this song, so it stays.

‘Disaster’ – Follow:Find You (2019)

Joohoney and I.M.’s verse in this song. *chef’s kiss*

‘Ghost (악몽)’ – Take.2 We Are Here (2019)

Kihyun’s vocals in the bridge are too powerful to not get a live performance.

‘Fallin” – The Connect: DejaVu (2018)

It doesn’t really feel like a true concert until this song is performed. Watching the boys go off and enjoy themselves during this song is amazing and what we love to see.

‘Stuck’ – The Clan Pt.1 (2016)

Everything about this song, from the outfits to the choreography, is iconic.

‘Broken Heart’ – Rush (2015)

This is a beautiful song. Shownu’s opening vocals are not only heavenly but give you chills.

‘Rush’ – Rush (2015)

While ‘Hero’ is a star, ‘Rush’ is another title track that also would be nice to have performed yet again.

‘Ongshimi’ – Mixtape: Minhyuk (Ft. Joohoney) (2019)

This song deserves a performance and also to be put on Spotify. The day we get the live performance will be one to remember. Please, boys. Please?

‘From Zero’ – The Code (2017)

Not only did this song reach No.1 on the World Digital Sale’s Chart three years after it’s release, but it’s one that is very near and dear to Monbebe’s hearts.

‘Myself’ – Take.1 Are You There (2018)

When this song was replaced on the We Are Here Tour setlist during the US leg of the tour, it was a sad time for us all. While we loved hearing ‘Who Do U Love’ for the first time, we still missed this fan favorite.

Will you be watching Monsta X’s concert? Is there a song you’re hoping the boys will perform? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!


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1 year ago

Monsta x have many good song it’s hard to choose


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