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Twenty One Pilots’ New ‘Level Of Concern’ Video Never Ends

Twenty One Pilots’ New ‘Level Of Concern’ Video Never Ends

Following a viral internet hunt for clues, alternative duo Twenty One Pilots have released their new ‘Level Of Concern’ music video that never ends. Their fanbase, the Skeleton Clique, was so dedicated to solving the mystery that they actually crashed Discord’s platform in the process. Don’t worry, it was worth it – turns out, the boys want you to be in the video!

twenty one pilots via YouTube

So, here’s what happened…

On June 10, Twenty One Pilots sent their fans on an amazing internet adventure. They shared a cryptic photo of a code, hinting at the upcoming events (“LOC-061-220-2012-P”). Fans figured out that it meant “Level Of Concern (LOC)/ June 12, 2020 (061-220-20)/ 12PM Eastern (12P)”.

twenty one pilots via YouTube

The next day (June 11), they launched a livestream on their YouTube channel with the creepiest audio and visuals. Just a flickering old television in a dark room, narrated by an unsettling British male voice (if you’re a Clikkie, you’ll remember this man from the Emotional Roadshow) and the beeping and clicking of a walkie-talkie.

Level of Concern livestream on the twenty one pilots YouTube channel.
twenty one pilots via YouTube

The narration led fans to a secret website: The term “USB” is a connection to the ‘Level of Concern’ cover art. The livestream provided 4 codes to enter into the new website. After fans entered the codes, they were given access to 4 drives to download, each offering more content to decode.

Through the code hunt, fans had to unlock 20 increasingly-difficult levels. As they were sharing their theories, confusion, and codes, ‘twenty one pilots’ began to trend on Twitter. The Clique managed to beat the final level in just 12 hours.

After reaching the final level much faster than the band had anticipated, fans were informed of the new ‘Level of Concern’ never-ending music video on June 21.

If you’re still a little lost, check out the band’s explanation video of everything that happened!

twenty one pilots via YouTube

Here’s how you can be included in the music video!

Visit the music video’s official website and submit a video of yourself – that’s all there is to it! Then tune into the livestream, and watch carefully. Every 3 minutes and 40 seconds, the video updates to include new edits. You can also jump into the livestream’s chat, and work together to make sure no one misses anything!

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Did you take part in the insane hunt? Can you believe how creative this band is? Tell us your thoughts by tweeting us at @thehoneypop!

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