13 Ariana Grande Collabs That Are Truly Iconic

13 Ariana Grande Collabs That Are Truly Iconic

We can’t believe it’s the queen of pop’s birthday! Ariana Grande is turning 27, and we are hyped to help her celebrate her big day! We are sending gifts, balloons, cake, dancing, and all the love- only the best for the goddess herself. Virtually, of course, because ya know…social distancing.

BUT we also have a gift for the Arianators! We have compiled a list of Ari’s top collabs, starting with some of the very best to help her celebrate her big day! It’s about to be a party up in here! So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

‘Break Free’- Zedd

This is a FIRE collab with some amazing beats from legendary DJ, Zedd. This song has us up dancing every time it comes on our playlists. It’s forever one of our favorite collabs Ari has done!

‘Bang Bang’- Jessie J & Nicki Minaj 

.A song with three of music’s fiercest vocalists? YES, PLEASE! This song always leaves us dancing and swaying. Jessie’s vocals and Nicki’s rap sure make this a fun song to dance to, and it adds some beats to your playlist

‘Popular Song’- Mika

We stan this collab so hard! This tune is from the musical production Oz, but Mika put a unique spin on it, and we are LIVING for it. We love the music video, as well; it’s got total Halloween vibes.

‘The Way’- Mac Miller

This is near and dear to Ariana and her’s and Mac’s fans altogether. It is a sweet love song about just how much you’d do for the person you love. It gets us in our feels every time we hear it, and it forever holds a special place in our hearts as it does Ari’s.

‘Side To Side’- Nicki Minaj

This rather cheeky song had a bit more of a mature vibe, but coming from the queen of pop, it, of course, was a total hit. Whether we’re dancing in the clubs or our bedrooms, Ariana sure does know how to make a hit.

‘Problem’ – Iggy Azalea

This one makes us whip our imaginary ponytails around and dance around our house. We got one less, one less problem when this track is on!

‘Rain On Me’ – Lady Gaga

When the queen of monsters and the queen of pop collab, you know the song they create will be LEGENDARY! You know this one will sure to be a hit for years to come.

‘Love Me Harder’ – The Weeknd

‘Love Me Harder’ is more of a chill song you can listen to with your significant other, relaxing with a cup of your favorite drink. It’s a cozy and cute love song.

‘Good As Hell’- Lizzo

Can we just say how this song is a total bop! We love both girls’ incredible vocals in this track, and they are a force to be reckoned with. The verdict is in- Lizzo and Ariana need to make more songs together.

‘Best Mistake’- Big Sean

We also wanted to include this collab because their vocals harmonize together perfectly, and we can’t help but get in our feels. It’s such a truly amazing song that had to make our list.

‘Boyfriend’- Social House

One of her newest collabs from Ariana, here comes the finesse of Social House. This collab is high on our list of fave Ari collabs. It’s melodic and danceable and overall a banger.

‘Break Your Heart Right Back’- Childish Gambino

Come on, we knew this song would be a hit from the start. Ariana slays on this track, and OMG Childish Gambino killed it! We are forever vibing with it.

‘Stuck With You’- Justin Bieber

We had to add this one in as a final track to her amazing collabs! This one is last, but certainly not least. Justin and Ari collabing together seemed like a weird combo, but it more than worked, and this hit is going to be stuck in our head for days to come!

So, Happy 27th Birthday, Ariana Grande. We hope its the dopest birthday yet, and cheers to many, many more! Take the time to bop along to Ariana today to celebrate her!

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Did we mention your favorite Ariana Grande collab? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop. Check out our other articles here!


Image Source: Lady Gaga via YouTube

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Loved the article!!!❤️❤️


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