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Fresh Music Friday: BLACKPINK, Megan Thee Stallion, Lauv & MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: BLACKPINK, Megan Thee Stallion, Lauv & MORE!

Fresh Music Friday

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘How You Like That’ – BLACKPINK

It’s been a long time coming but BLACKPINK have finally graced us with their return! Their powerful new single has taken a different direction this comeback, offering a more swag-filled hip hop song while still keeping the signature BLACKPINK energy we’ve grown to know and love and honestly we’re not mad about it in the slightest. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé‘s silvery vocals sit triumphantly on top of the instrumental trap beats which makes for a spirituous return to the music scene and we at Fresh Music Friday cannot get enough! Luckily for us, this is just the beginning of 2020’s activities for the girls, and we’re so hyped for it.

Listen to the single here

‘Girls in the Hood’ – Megan Thee Stallion

We know that Megan Thee Stallion is a bad bitch, that’s no doubt. Her new single concretes just that. ‘Girls In The Hood’ is a summer anthem for all those baddies out there. In an ode to legend Eazy-E, we think she did him proud. The video highlights Meg and her flawless bod as she tells the world just how bad she is. A Naruto reference fro all our anime fans, she covers all the bases.

Listen to the single here

Without You – Lauv

Lauv’s back with another EP playlist Without You. Consisting of four swoon-worthy tracks, it’s the perfect EP to listen to on a hot summer’s evening. ‘Dishes’ is another major tune we’ve come to expect from Lauv and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. There’s even a music video for you all to enjoy too. Another of our favorite songs is ‘Love Somebody’ as it picks up the pace ever so slightly. Full of gorgeous harmonies and a catchy rhythm it gets a 10/10 from us at Fresh Music Friday!

Listen to the EP here

‘Left & Right’ – SEVENTEEN

We got the comeback we expected from SEVENTEEN’s album Heng:garae, the songs are such bops! The mini album has 6 songs in total, all with a diverse sound to them. Songs to motivate you, dance to and some that sound like they could be in an anime or drama show. Some Carats also have noticed that some of the lyrics from these songs, link back to past songs, which makes the songs more sentimental. The group have even started a challenge on TikTok for the single ‘Left & Right’, which is off the album. So get ready to dance along and don’t forgot to use #LeftRightChallenge when you share your videos. We can’t wait to see all of y’alls attempts at the choreo!

Listen to the album here

‘Past Life (Remix)’ – Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez

A sick little ballad with dual vocals between the queen herself Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniels – whose voice is a piece of art in itself. This release is one for the books. Their voices mesh, making an angelic tune that you’d be nothing less than happy to have it stuck in your head. Who better to add to a remix than Selena? Good work scoring that one Trevor Daniels! A scarily relatable song- this one landed perfectly on Fresh Music Friday, but also on our personal playlist.

Listen to the single here

‘Parasite Eve’ – Bring Me The Horizon

Heavy metal legends Bring Me The Horizon are back with a hot new tune ‘Parasite Eve’. If you’re looking for a song to soundtrack the apocalypse, then this is it. The group began writing the track back at the start of this year when COVID-19 was just beginning in China. The song was ditched until they all found themselves stuck at home because of lockdown in the UK.

To our amazement, the track was finished by Oli, Jordan, Lee, Mat and Matt remotely. Not that you’d know while listening to it! Full of culturally relevant lyrics, hard-hitting guitar lines, and a screamy Skyes, it’s the perfect tune for the band’s old-time fans as well as new. It’s a perfect combination of all things ‘Ludens’ and ‘Sempiternal’ so what are ya waiting for? Go give the music video a watch now!

Listen to the single here

‘In The Mirror’ – Demi Lovato

Our queen Demi Lovato is back with another epic ballad ‘In The Mirror’. Taken from the soundtrack of Netflix’s new film Eurovision Song Contest, the song is everything we’ve come to expect from Demi and more. It’s emotional lyrics are relatable on such a deep level and the instrumentals are just as beautiful as her vocals. This is definitely a track we’ll be belting out in our shower as if no one can hear us!

Listen to the single here

‘Children of the Revolution’ – Kesha

Pop icon Kesha has taken a trip down rock and roll this week, covering ‘Children of the Revolution’, and we couldn’t be more in love! The track is a part of T. Rex’s upcoming album and Kesha’s vocals are simply to die for. Full of Nashville rock and roll vibes, it’s a song that showcases Kesha in a light we don’t normally get to see her. All we want to ask is, when do we get more?

Listen to the single here

‘Naked’ – Jonas Blue & MAX

Okay, people, we’ve found it. ‘Naked’ is by a mile the catchiest song we’ve heard all summer! Here at Fresh Music Friday, we love a good Jonas Blue bop and he’s knocked it out the park on this track. It’s full of fun and Max’s swagger is the cherry on top. You can catch us grooving to this sultry hit all summer long!

Listen to the single here

Women in Music Part III – Haim

Women in Music Part III is Haim’s third studio album and we’re officially in love. This new record finds Haim deliberately adopting a no-holds-barred approach to their new music. The result? An album that is not only their most vulnerable but also their most confident work to date. Our own favorite picks include ‘3am’, ‘The Steps’ and bonus track ‘Summer Girl’.

Alana, Danielle, and Este are no strangers to activism and the trio have been dedicating just as much time to speaking up about BLM as they have about this record. Recently, they even took to Instagram to share that they will be donating 100% of the profits from two shirts in their new merch collection to the Black Trans Femme in the Arts Collective. This merch collection can be found here.

Listen to the album here

‘Starry Night’ – Zhoumi (with RYEOWOOK)

Zhoumi of Super Junior has released his new track ‘Starry Night’ and recruited fellow member Ryeowook for it! The ballad is lovely, and their vocals are in perfect harmony and everything you could want in a song. Released in both Chinese and Korean, and a few different music and performance videos to watch, we highly recommend you take the time to check out this enchanting single and embrace the feels.

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Listen to the single here

‘Heaven On My Mind’ – Becky Hill ft Sigala

A summer anthem in the making, ‘Heaven On My Mind’ is set to cement Becky Hill as one of our favs over the next few weeks. Written by Becky and produced by Sigala, it’s the second single to be lifted from Becky’s upcoming debut album release. If you’re looking for a joyous and carefree song to play while driving down the freeway then this is it!

Listen to the single here

‘EXHALE’ – Kenzie feat. Sia

Now a fully fledged musical sensation in her own right, Kenzie has dropped a massive summer anthem ‘Exhale’. It’s her third single since signing with Arista Records last July and features her long time friend Sia. It’s full of catchy bass lines, drum beats and is the perfect tempo to dance around your garden to. It’s a track that is sure to be a summer hit and we can’t wait to see what Kenzie drops next!

Listen to the single here

‘KLK’ – Arca ft Rosalía

Rosalía has hopped on an electronic banger with Arca in the shape of ‘KLK’. The collaborative track is a concoction of cyberpunk blended with reggaetón, creating an unforgettable bass booming bop that’s definitely worthy of being added to club request lists… or virtual dance parties courtesy of the current pandemic. We can’t sotp shaking our stuff!

Listen to the single here

‘I Don’t Want Your Money (Acoustic)’ – Mae Muller

Mae Muller has shared a stripped back version of her hit ‘I Don’t Want Your Money’ this week. Self-shot in isolation, the dreamlike visuals play out the lyrics to the track displayed as Mae’s thoughts, while Jimmy Napes accompanies her on the guitar. It’s a song full of soft vocals that showcases Muller’s musical talent. If you’re looking for the next pop sensation then Mae Muller is the girl to keep your eyes on!

Listen to the single here

What songs are you loving from this week’s Fresh Music Friday? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Dani King, Valarie Valdez, Rachel Collucci

Featured Image Source: Emilio Coochie | Courtesy of YG Entertainment | Doug Inglish

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