For ‘Crying Out Loud’ Listen to State Champs!

For ‘Crying Out Loud’ Listen to State Champs!

State Champs‘ ‘Crying Out Loud’ is a new acoustic banger. Watch the video below!

Acoustics are something we’ve been asking for from State Champs for a while. We know it, the band knows it, and now we have it.

Vocalist Derek DiScanio talked a bit more about how ‘Crying Out Loud’ came together.

“‘Crying Out Loud’ took us the longest to get to a place where we truly felt excited about the song,” DiScanio said. “Once we got there, we knew this emotionally heavy, yet upbeat tune about breakup, loneliness, and moving on would be a solid single.”

And Derek is right. Our heads are bopping to the beat but those lyrics are just hitting different!

“You were all that I want but now you made me believe that I can’t depend on anyone after all.”

Sad, emotional, and truthful.

And all done with glorious vocals on top of acoustic guitars. It’s amazing.

The song was released along with an acoustic version of State Champs’ hit ‘Criminal,’ originally released in 2018. You can watch the candid video of them re-recording this song below.

‘Crying Out Loud’ is on future EP State Champs Unplugged EP

Celebrating 10 years of State Champs and two long years of waiting, fans are finally getting new music.

Accompanying ‘Crying Out Loud’ and the acoustic version of ‘Criminal,’ State Champs is set to release State Champs Unplugged EP on August 14, 2020.

The EP is an important one for the band and fans. Fans wanted this, and the band sat down and wrote just like old times.

“The Unplugged EP is special for us for many reasons, one main reason being the writing process,” said DiScanio. “We feel like we really went back to our roots, you know, just the band, in a room with an acoustic guitar, writing songs and having fun. We tend to execute our best material in an environment that is stress-free and organic. Our fans have been asking for new acoustic, stripped-down material for quite some time, we’re happy to say it’s here.”

The tracklist includes 4 new songs and a new version of ‘Dead and Gone’ we can’t wait to hear. The tracklist is below:

  1. A Thousand Hearts
  2. The Recipe
  3. 10 AM
  4. Crying Out Loud
  5. Criminal
  6. Dead and Gone

We can’t wait for August to come around, but ‘Crying Out Loud’ has been on repeat since its release (with ‘Criminal’ of course.)

Listen to the songs and let us know what you think! Send us a tweet @TheHoneyPop or comment below!


Featured Image: Beth Saravo via Instagram

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