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Here’s Who Has Been Supporting Crew Nation

Here’s Who Has Been Supporting Crew Nation

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Touring? In 2020??? All the good times we were looking forward to this year were all pretty much eliminated when COVID-19 swept across the world. While we were all disappointed and upset at the prospect of not seeing our favs for another year, another group of people were affected much more severely. 

We’ve all sat and wondered how cool it would be to work on a tour. Some of us might have even got close to it by meeting our favs backstage! But for touring crew, almost an entire year’s worth of income was obliterated overnight. Many of them have struggled to make ends meet over the last few months but luckily, the world’s biggest promotor ‘Live Nation’ stepped in to try and save their livelihoods. 

‘So what? Why can’t artists just pay their crew instead?’ 

Well. That’s a very valid point!

Some artists have indeed been able to help support their crews but it’s not always that easy. Many artists don’t have the cash to be able to pay their crew, after all most of our fav artists earn a huge chunk of their money from touring. Some artists also have crews so big that it’s physically impossible to pay them all and also survive themselves! This is why Crew Nation has become such a life line to crew members. 

It’s become a central hub for the entire music community to donate money to, that is being re-distributed to crew members who are in dire need of help! So we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of how your favs have stepped up to the plate…


First in, our boys BTS have pitched in a whopping $1 million US dollars to the fund! 

Harry Styles 

We all know Harry’s a charitable king. You only need to look at the $1.2 million US dollars his first tour raised for local charities all over the world. So naturally, he’s made a donation too while sharing a photo of his own crew!

Little Mix 

Here at The Honey Pop, we love our girls from Little Mix. So when we found out that they’ve started selling merchandise with 100% of the profits going to the Crew Nation fund, we just had to take a look for ourselves. Well it’s safe to say that everything is gorgeous and you should all go and grab some while you can!

Twenty One Pilots 

Switching it up genre wise, Twenty One Pilots released a brand new track ‘Level of Concern’ just a few short weeks ago. How are they helping the Crew Nation fund? Well the song’s profits are being donated. Yes that’s right. So what are you waiting for? Get streaming people! 


As we get even further into the heavier side of things, iconic band Metallica have also pitched in. These rock gods have donated $100,000 from ‘All Within My Hands’, a foundation they set up back in 2017. 

That’s merely a scratch on the surface folks! For more information and a full list of artists that have donated go here. More importantly, if you’d like to make a donation to support the people that help make some of our happiest memories then you do so here

What’s your fav done to help out? What are you missing most about live gigs? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: Live Nation

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