The Rap Up Wraps Up June Perfectly!

The Rap Up Wraps Up June Perfectly!

Welcome back to The Rap Up, where we, at The Honey POP, give you the hottest hip-hop/R&B releases from the past week! Last week, many of our favorites, such as 6LACK, Anderson Paak, Beyonce, and many others, dropped music for us all! Let’s see what this week will hold for us!

6LACK: 6pc Hot EP

After his sophomore album, East Atlanta Love Letter, 6LACK is back with his 6-track, or 6-piece, 6pc Hot EP. Starting with the release of ‘ATL Freestyle,’ then ‘Float,’ 6LACK once again delivers the vibes we search for on a silver platter. Not only did he give us a fire EP, but he also made his own hot sauce called “600 Degrees.” With every purchase of the EP, he gives out a free bottle, so if you want a new bottle of hot sauce with your wings, or whatever you’d like to serve it with, purchase 6pc Hot EP now!

You can stream 6pc Hot EP on all platforms here!

Megan Thee Stallion: ‘Girls In The Hood’

Our hot girl is back with her new single ‘Girls In The Hood.’ Sampling the iconic song from ‘Boyz-n-the-Hood’ by 80s/90s rapper Eazy-E, Megan tells us just how bad-ass she really is with a nostalgic, aesthetic lyric video. The bars go hard in this track (as always!); we know for a fact that you’re gonna want to know this song by heart (or at least make another dance on Tik Tok for it). One of the many things we love about her is how confident she is and how open she is about her sexuality. Period!

You can stream ‘Girls in the Hood’ on all platforms here!

August Alsina: The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy

August Alsina released his brand new album The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy. Now we knew that he has a voice gifted from God himself, but we will always act as if it’s our first time hearing him when it comes to listening to a new project. It’s what he deserves, right? His first two songs talk about leaving his past habits behind and working hard for what he wants, and then we have his classic, love songs. We promise his album will be the best hour and a half of your life.

You can stream The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy on all platforms here!

DaBaby & Roddy Ricch: ‘Rockstar’

DaBaby releases the music video for his remix of ‘Rockstar.’ The video starts off like the beginning of a horror movie; I mean they are fighting off zombies throughout the entire video, which is pretty wicked. We never knew we needed a zombie apocalypse video starring the biggest names in the rap right now! Not only did he release this video, but he also performs on the BET Awards this Sunday; be sure to watch tonight and see them rock out!

You can stream ‘Rockstar (Remix)’ on all platforms here!

K Camp & Yung Bleu: ‘Friendly’

Not only did K Camp give us a video of him performing ‘Ice Cold’ from the studio (which is such a vibe, anyway), but he also released his music video for ‘Friendly,’ which features fellow rapper Yung Bleu. Both of those tracks are featured on his recent album K.I.S.S 5, giving us the perfect mixture of rap and R&B. If you have not listened to it, what the heck are you doing at this point?

You can stream K.I.S.S 5 on all platforms here!

Lil Mosey & Lil Baby: ‘Back At It’

Lil Mosey is ‘Back at it’ with his new single, and Lil Baby decides to hop on and join him. With a trippy, animated lyric video, both Lil Mosey and Lil Baby are spitting nothing but bars all throughout the track; it’s clear that they don’t want us to forget how far they have come in their career and the luxuries that come with it.

You can stream ‘Back at it’ on all platforms here!

J.I & Lil Tjay: ‘Hood Scars 2’

Rising rappers J.I. & Lil Tjay collab and release their new single ‘Hood Scars 2.’ We already know what to expect from the prince of New York and the melodic romantic, and many of us have been waiting for these talented artists to create new heat together. It’s definitely safe to say that they both got the job done, and who knows? Maybe the two of them will collab again on a future project!

You can stream ‘Hood Scars 2’ on all platforms here!

Pi’erre Bourne: The Life of Pi’erre 4 (DELUXE)

Several months later, Pi’erre Bourne releases the deluxe version of his fourth installment of TLOP (The Life of Pi’erre). Releasing 15 new, vibey tracks, the deluxe version was not only written by Bourne, but it was also produced, engineered, and arranged by him as well! If you listen closely to each song, you can notice how each track fades smoothly into the next. His unique established sound is the reason why so many adore him.

You can stream The Life of Pi’erre 4 (Deluxe) on all platforms here!

Justin Rarri: ‘2 Seater’

17-year-old rapper Justin Rarri released his new single and video for ‘2 Seater.’ The new Summer banger was released after many of his fans heard a snippet of the track, and can we truly blame them? He released his debut mixtape 4EVARARRi, which many magazines and fans praised him for; Imagine how his debut album will sound, as he will continue to release music throughout the year!

You can stream ‘2 Seater’ on all platforms here!

Tokio Myers: ‘No More Gang Wars (Together)’

We covered this talented artist a week or so back, and now, he is back with the music video for his single ‘No More Gang Wars (Together).’ Tokio Myers is another artist releasing a music video showing actual footage from protests happening around the world, and illustrating yet another fight for human rights. Not only does the song compliment the visual, but the protest footage will never get old, especially at a time like this. This song can be found on his recent EP, Black Dawn.

You can stream Black Dawn on all platforms here!

MkX & CupCakKe: ‘Down’

What do you get when you mix a pop phenomenon with one of the baddest women in rap? A fire song! MkX and CupcakKe are the duo we never knew we needed. We don’t know what brought these two together, but we’re glad it did! Driven by provocative lyrics and a hot beat, the sex-positive song has both artists getting right to the point with what they’d do if their crush came back to their place.

You can stream ‘Down’ on all platforms here!

AMINÉ: ‘Riri’

Aminé is dropping this music video like it’s hot! He co-directed the ‘RiRi’ video with longtime visual collaborator Jack Bergert. It was filmed in quarantine, as most videos are these days, but we got some pretty cool cameos including the beloved sports broadcaster Taylor Rooks! The video is fire, and we can’t wait to see what Aminé does next!

You can stream ‘Riri’ on all platforms here!


Rilès is kicking off his 2020 releases with a bang! His new single ‘GOA’ has killer beats, neon keys, and off-kilter bass lines. The song is a self-confidence stance of empowerment. He also dropped the accompanying lyric video that features some of his homies, a remote location, and some TikTok-ready dance moves. We’re sure this rap will take 2020 by storm.

You can stream ‘GOA’ on all platforms here!

Shay Lia: ‘All Up to You’

The summer EP of the year has been announced, and Miss Shay Lia is making waves! The latest single to drop comes straight from the EP, and we’re digging it, we can’t lie. Join the experience that is ‘All Up To You.’ We start off soft and fun like the gentle sun and ocean waves; We vibin’. Then, that sweet voice kicks in, and we’re on a straight shot to heaven. The lyrics hit, and the beat reminds us of old mixtapes and island times. It truly is ‘All Up To You’ if you’re gonna enjoy 😉 we recommend you hop on it quick!

You can stream ‘All Up To You’ on all platforms here!

Rapping It Up

That was an amazing week of rap and R&B; especially to end the month of June. What will July hold for us? You just have to wait and see!

What do you guys think of this week’s Rap Up? Which release was your favorite? Comment your thoughts down below, or feel free to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

We will be back every Sunday to give you the new Rap/R&B feels you have been searching for! In the meantime, you can check out our Hip-POP & R&Bee category for more!

Featured Image Source: Yasmin Keskin

Words: Gabriella Fox, Parish Hodges, Emily Defoor, Dakota Ash

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