Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Are Moving On From Their ‘Past Life’

Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Are Moving On From Their ‘Past Life’

Have you heard Trevor Daniel’s remix for ‘Past Life’ with Selena Gomez? We have, maybe too many times already, but we’re happy to have it on repeat. Trevor has gotten lots of attention since ‘Falling,’ and when he released ‘Past Life’ earlier this year, we fell in love with him and his voice even more. Now, add one of our faves, Selena Gomez, and you’ve got us addicted to the track.

Their voices blend perfectly, leaving us feeling blessed listening to the trap-infused pop track. This collab is something we didn’t know we needed, but now can’t live without! Plus, they made a lyric video that’s got us all wanting an actual Instagram live from the two. The lyric video consists of the two singing it on the live as the comments are filled with the lyrics to the song, and we love how original that is.

Listen to Trevor Daniel’s ‘Past Life’ with Selena Gomez here, and check out the lyric video below!

Let’s be honest, how much do you love the song and lyric video? If you have the video full screen, it really looks like you’re watching an Instagram live! As we’re ‘Falling’ in deeper to being stans of Trevor Daniel, him collabing with our girl Selena Gomez makes us stan even more.

Let us know if you liked the Trevor Daniel remix of ‘Past Life’ with Selena Gomez and video by dropping us a comment or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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