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Coachella Canceled? Throw Your Own At Home!

Coachella Canceled? Throw Your Own At Home!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Coachella and most other music festivals have been canceled for the year and postponed until next spring. If you’re bored like we are and looking for a way to still attend the festival, we have you covered! Since Coachella is canceled, why don’t you throw your own at home? Here’s everything you’ll need!

The Fashion

The first thing you need to do to throw your own festival is put on your best outfit! Coachella is known as the weekend for fashion and experimental fashion at that. Attendees love dressing with the trends of the year, whether its flower crowns or neon colors. Here are some fashion ideas that work perfectly with the quarantine theme!

One recent trend has been tie-dye! While the tie-dye at Coachella likely would have been featured in skirts or bikini tops, quarantine attire fits better with tie-dye sweats (which thankfully are on trend too!). You can find sets like these on Etsy, Urban Outfitters, PacSun, Target, and more. Another great option though is to make them yourself! You can always find yourself white sweatpants and hoodies that you can tie-dye with an at-home kit. It’s more fun and you can design it exactly how you want it!

Another trend you can wear at home is bucket hats! Bucket hats have become quite popular recently, and if you’re holding your at-home Coachella outside, it will shield you from the sun. There are many different options you can purchase, of all colors and designs.

The Decor

Once you’ve got the outfit down, it’s time to move onto setting the scene so that you feel like you’re at Coachella. Ideally, since the festival is held outside, the best place to hold your own would be in your backyard or even a public park if you don’t have a backyard. If you can’t head to a park though, indoors will work!

Coachella is known for its iconic Ferris wheel, so it’s important to have there. You could print out a picture and put it in a window or display the picture on a computer or a phone. For a nighttime festival, maybe put up some string lights, a lamp, or any sort of summer decorations.

The Snacks

The festival also has a variety of food options and snack stands to choose from while you’re there, so tasty choices at your at-home Coachella is a must. There are all sorts of drinks at the festival, so begin with that! Find some soda, coffee, lemonade, or whatever drink makes you feel like you’re in scorching hot Palm Springs dancing around with your friends. As for snacks themselves, you can cook or buy whatever food your heart desires, but don’t forget dessert! Coachella always has ice cream so that’s an option, but you can always go for your favorite sweet treat. If you think a meal is too much, just make or buy your go-to snack, it can be sweet or salty. Either way, just choose what you like, it’s your festival!

The Music

Of course, the most important part of Coachella is music. Choose your favorite artists and build your dream setlist! You could always play the artists that were originally going to be performing, but you have the power here. You can always switch it up if you want to. If you want to listen to new artists, check our website. We have plenty of suggestions and many of them have released albums in 2020. Now get those speakers out and start dancing to your favorite songs!

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Enjoy Your Own Coachella At Home!

Now, you have the outfit, setting, food, and of course, the music. Coachella may be canceled, but you can always throw your own at home! Forget about the pandemic for the night and have a good time, even call your friends if you get lonely. Dance the night away, sing your favorite songs, eat treats, and enjoy your Coachella (quarantine edition)!

Tweet us pictures of your at-home Coachella to us at @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Source: Rich Fury for the New York Times via Getty Images

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