‘Oh What A Feeling’: This Latest Tune Has Us Vibing

‘Oh What A Feeling’: This Latest Tune Has Us Vibing

One of the best bands to walk off YouTube has released a new single. Walk Off The Earth is a band that brings fun and creativity to music. With warm intentions and empathy for miles we stan this band. They’ve been getting down with a Beatles cover song, a new opening song for Pokémon, and now, of course, ‘Oh What A Feeling’ which is the newest from WOTE.

With everyone that’s been going on over the last four months, we wanted to put something into the world that spreads positivity, happiness and hope

Walk Off The Earth

‘Oh What A Feeling’

"Oh what a feeling
Just a fight for a reason
Then you twist and you turn and you crash and you burn
But you know that you did it"

They wanted us to feel hopeful and bring us up. Well, we think we speak for us all when we say they accomplished their mission. The words are soul soaring and uplifting in all the right ways. Vague yet so genuine, the words resonate with our plight of today. Whether it be getting through the day and finding love in the slow down or a worldwide civil rights goal.

WOTE has always been like a breath of fresh air. This song is no different. We keep pushing and fighting and falling but in the end, we look back and we’ve accomplished the most amazing of things. Sometimes we need to stop and reflect for the good of our souls. This song is, simply put, a wonderfully warm hug.

Also, word has it, there is another surprise to come very very soon 😱

WOTE via Twitter

What do you think? How does ‘Oh What A Feeling’ make you feel? Let us know in the comments down below or give us a shout on any of our socials @TheHoneyPOP on Twiter, Facebook, or Instagram. We are here to hear from you!

If you want to know more about Walk Off The Earth’s newest album, click here. If you want to buy their award-winning album HERE WE GO! And to read more articles like this visit here!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of  goldencarrot and WOTE Tour Promo

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