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Counterparts: ‘They’re B-Sides, Who Gives A Sh*t?’ WE DO.

Counterparts: ‘They’re B-Sides, Who Gives A Sh*t?’ WE DO.

Counterparts have released Nothing Left to Love B-Side.

Formed by Alex Re (Guitar), Blake Hardman (Guitar), Brendan Murphy (Vocals), Kyle Brownlee (Drums), and Tyler Williams (Bass), they’ve seen an immense amount of success and continue to keep Counterparts on top of the game.

On June 22, Hamilton’s finest hardcore Counterparts released a collection of B-sides from their 2019 groundbreaking release Nothing Left to Love via Pure Noise Records. The B-Sides feature two new songs, ‘Purer Form of Pain and ‘Strings of Separation’.

Captivating and comical, frontman Brendan Murphy jokes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure… so here are 2 more B-sides, I guess?,” Treasure it is, or we say so anyway. And we rock, so what we say is right. ALWAYS.

Anyway… Counterparts. Back to it. The band wrote these songs when in the process of recording Nothing Left To Love. They didn’t exactly fit the album and, in turn, didn’t make the cut.

Fans of these hardcore hotties, we’re super stoked on the Private Room EP, so they decided to give us some more. A great way to occupy your time, these songs are the epitome of what hardcore stands for. The hardcore we know and love. Like many, the band is unsure of when they’ll be able to be in the same room to record again or even cross borders to grace us with their presence. So for now, they’ll satisfy us with these two sick ass breakdowns.

Stream Counterparts B-Sides Here

Stream it until you’re satisfied. So- ya know, on repeat. In the words of Murphy, “You might love them, you might think they stink, either way, it’s all good by me. They’re b-sides! Who gives a shit?” We can promise they’re worth it. Lace-up those dancin’ shoes.

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Featured Image: Wyatt Clough

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