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VOTE: Choose Which Song Should Be The Honey POP’s Song of the Summer!

VOTE: Choose Which Song Should Be The Honey POP’s Song of the Summer!

We’ve reached the season of summer, and while this year may not be the summer we had in mind, we know that nothing is going to stand in the way of the soundtrack to the summer months. Some incredible songs have been released this year: some great contenders, so we ask you, our dear THP readers, to use your voice and choose who we will crown The Honey POP’s Song of Summer 2020.

Song of the Summer
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We’ve already shared with you our top 20 favorite albums that released in the first half of the year, so it’s no surprise that many of them have offered us some incredible summer soundtrack singles. Ones that we simply cannot get enough of. However, since then, a ton of new incredible singles have been released. So many that it really was a stressful time here at THP HQ to narrow it down to just 20 songs. Let’s take a look at our contenders…

Break Up Song – Little Mix

During all the doom and gloom of 2020, Little Mix decided to turn our frown upside down with their comeback single of 2020, the 80s infused ‘Break Up Song’. While they may not have been able to shoot a video with a fancy-schmancy set, the girls still did a darn good job shooting from home, proving that no high budget music video can compare to the glitz and glam that naturally comes with Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Perrie! ‘Break Up Song’ has been in our heavy rotation for some time now and it seems as though everyone agrees with us. There are no signs of it slowing down in terms of growing popularity. Could it also be crowned our Song of the Summer?

‘Stay Gold’ – BTS

BTS are making their Japanese comeback this month with Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey and the lead single ‘Stay Gold’ is definitely the kind of song we all need. The song debuted at number one on the World Digital Song Sales chart, making the Bangtan boys the first act in chart history with 20 number 1 hits! Now let’s see if it has the potential to take the title of our Song of the Summer…

‘Wildflower’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

Earlier this year, 5SOS dropped their highly anticipated fourth studio album CALM and saved the best till last in terms of singles. The DIY music video truly captures the psychedelic, retro vibes the song gives, and let’s be honest, it really does radiate summer sounds, doesn’t it? But is that enough to win you over to cast a vote to our fave Aussie lads?

‘Watermelon Sugar’ – Harry Styles

Another song full of “that summer feeling” is the latest single from Harry Styles‘s sophomore album Fine Line. The song has been getting a lot of love from the locals and has even found its way into several TikTok trends. If this song doesn’t make you want to race to the beach to catch a tan or jump some waves, we don’t know what to tell you. Other than you’re mistaken, of course. Can Mr. Styles’ latest bop take the reign?

‘More & More’ – TWICE

TWICE are back with their 2020 comeback, One in which we saw them take on a more dark and mature concept, while still keeping enough of their trademark demeanor. The lead single gives such a mystical vibe and is an all-around synth-pop bop that we cannot help but groove with. But does it have what it takes to become our Song of the Summer?

‘Rain on Me’ – Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande

2020 was the triumphant return of Lady Gaga with the Chromatica era, and boy have we been in for a treat. Leading the way of iconic collabs for this album was ‘Rain on Me,’ creating the ultimate diva duo collab. The heavy disco track sees the two queens of pop unite in blessing our ears with their stunning harmonies and vocals which blend to perfection. It’s a party anthem which we cannot get enough of! But will it take the throne as our 2020 Song of the Summer?

‘How You Like That’ – BLACKPINK

It’s been a long time coming (over a year, in fact), but the much-awaited comeback of BLACKPINK has finally graced us. And it seems that we weren’t the only ones in dire need of music from the girls, as ‘How You Like That’ has broken multiple world records with the video. It registered 86.3 million views upon release, making it the most-viewed YouTube clip in 24 hours and is the most-viewed video by a KPOP act in 24 hours. But will it be able to beat out 19 other artists to take on the title of our Song of the Summer?

‘X’ – Jonas Brothers ft Karol G

One song that deserves to blast only at full volume is the Jonas Brothers‘s ‘X’. Featuring Karol G, the hot and heavy song is most definitely one we can’t help but feel the groove. To be honest, we don’t know if it’s the heat or this sexy single that keeps us sweating, but we aren’t complaining. Is it hot enough to win this year’s title?

‘Savage (Remix)’ – Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyoncé

Just when we thought this song couldn’t get any bigger, Beyoncé entered the chat and hopped on this banger. Giving it a signature Yoncé makeover that you can duet with your bestie over FaceTime or at a social distance. If the banger of a bop didn’t already have you streaming non-stop, the proceeds for the song will go straight to benefit Bread of Life Houston’s COVID-19 relief efforts. Where both queens are from. meaning the more you vibe to it, the more you give back. Does it deserve the top spot as our song of the summer?

‘Midnight’ – Alesso ft Liam Payne

This atmospheric collab between Alesso and Liam Payne is an uplifting song that we’re all in need of right now. The electronic smash is definitely one we’ve been playing on our DIY Zoom parties a lot. One we can see staying with us all summer long. Is it worthy of a check in the box from you?

‘Can’t You See Me?’ – Tomorrow X Together

TXT made their first 2020 comeback in May and we’ve not stopped vibing ever since! 2019’s biggest male rookie group showed a mature growth in their second mini-album The Dream Chapter: Eternity. The lead single offers an air of mysterious atmosphere throughout the track. One with a rock dance transition that never fails to keep us from busting a move. Is it enough to win you over in the votes?

‘Candy’ – Baekhyun

There’s nothing quite as sweet as the return of Baekhyun‘s ‘delight’ful vocals embracing our eardrums. When not busy with EXO or SuperM, he’s working on his solo material. His second mini-album has been nothing short of delicious. The lead single ‘Candy’ is bright and breezy while really representative of the idol. Putting us in the mood for the summer months. Is it sweet enough to win you over to vote?

‘Break My Heart’ – Dua Lipa

Gracing us with her sophomore album, Dua Lipa delivered her latest single ‘Break My Heart’. It encapsulates the best of Brit-pop right now. Taking the phonaesthesia from the 70s and 80s and giving them a modern twist. Future nostalgia is precisely how you’d describe the song to perfection. We know we’ll be bumping this track for months to come. Does it deserve a place as our song of the summer?

‘Moral of the Story’ – Ashe ft Niall Horan

We fell in love with this song when we discovered it on the soundtrack of To All The Boys: PS I Love You. Now Niall Horan has hopped on the track with newly-added lyrics, adding a whole other dimension to the track which we cannot stop belting at the top of our lungs. Will you be crowning it this year’s winner?

‘Some Things’ – Mali-Koa

Mali-Koa has won us over with her music in recent months. Some Things’ is one we are absolutely heart-eyed emoji over. The bittersweet and beautiful single tugs at our heartstrings. A song we often find ourselves returning to time and time again to listen to. Could Mali’s latest single be worthy of the song of the summer?

‘Walls’ – Louis Tomlinson

We were finally blessed with Louis’s debut album this year. Still, we are in love with it as much as we were when it first dropped. ‘Walls’ is an indie-pop single which we are genuinely enjoy singing along to on the regular. A song Louis still very much love, so could King Tommo rise to the throne?

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‘Fantasia’ – Monsta X

Monsta X took us to another galaxy with their latest release! ‘Fantasia’ is buzzing with explosive energy and attitude, which fuels us with infectious feel-good vibes with every single listen. The mini-album of the same name also topped Hanteo’s Chart monthly global chart – a new concept chart created by overseas KPOP fans – for the month of June, with the highest certification rare in the US over the past month. Will they be able to come on top of our Song of the Summer poll, too?

‘Left & Right’ – Seventeen

Seventeen recently made their comeback featuring the toe-tapping, finger-snapping ‘Left & Right’. The single has taken off as a TikTok Challenge we’re all trying our hand at. The song is quite a bright and colorful feeling – everything that summer stands for – accompanied by the light instrumentation and chilled style of the hooks and melodies. Could it be your song of the summer?

‘Be Kind’ – Marshmello X Halsey

A message that needs to be heard by the world comes in the form of a charting song. The glittery pop track is infused with 80s influence and pulsating synths that takes over your entire body, causing you to want to move to the beat just like Halsey in the video. Is a dance track the one to win it all?

‘Past Life (Remix)’ – Trevor Daniel ft Selena Gomez

We cannot get enough of this new ballad featuring dual vocals from Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel. The pair’s voices collide beautifully, creating such an angelic tune that we don’t mind is stuck in our head. A latecomer to the lineup but is it still worthy of the title?

You’ve heard the tracks; now it’s time to cast your votes! Voting for The Honey POP’s Song of the Summer is open until 6 PM EST on July 31st, meaning you can vote all month long for your faves as they battle it out for the crown. Exciting, isn’t it?

Voting is unlimited, meaning you can come back and keep voting for your faves and you don’t have to choose just one!


And if you love all these songs like us, check out our playlist featuring these 20 hot tunes so you can vibe to them all summer long! You’re welcome.

Who are you voting for to win The Honey POP’s Song of the Summer? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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