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5 Sports Anime; Who Says Anime Isn’t For The Athletic

5 Sports Anime; Who Says Anime Isn’t For The Athletic

Sports anime! Are you a fan of anime? How about a fan of sports? If you didn’t know, it is possible to be a fan of both. Need a quick rundown of anime? We got it covered. Today we’re introducing you to our top 5 Sports Anime picks. Summer is coming up fast and while we can’t get out there and play as a team there are loads of ways to get that adrenaline feeling. Put yourself in another person’s shoes and take off on a journey. We won’t lie, we’ve come pretty close to doing some of these sports simply because they’re so good at getting us hype!


Episodes: 37 + 2 OVA
Start Year: 2013

Free! might get you some weird looks. If you love ogling beautiful swimmer bods you’re in luck. This anime is a sort of coming of age and slice of life meditation. While swimming is the thing that means the most to the protagonist it is not the sole thing going on. If you’re a competitive swimmer it might not do it for you but we can all appreciate the attempt. Not overly technical so perfect for those who know nothing of sports.

Yuri On Ice

Episodes: 12
Start Year: 2016

Yuri On Ice is a story with skating in focus. Perfect for those not quite into all the athletics of it but detailed enough that those who know the sport will love it. Learn what a triple salchow is (it’s not a drink, we tried 😅) and follow two guys named Yuri as they travel the globe performing in the winter circuit. Yuri One pines after one of the greatest figure skaters of all time. Hitting a slump in his career he’s all but given up when who’s to drop into his lap? Much to the annoyance of Yuri Two. You’ll come to love each individual and by the end, you might just cry (we sure did).

Prince of Tennis

Episodes: 178 + 64 OVA
Start Year: 2001

This is older than the others but still gives you a lot. The characters are interesting and attractive but that isn’t the focus. There are skills and growth that have you rooting for the boys. This is perfect for tennis lovers and full of slower-paced tense scenes. Prince of Tennis used to come on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. There is plenty to watch and no worries of having to wait for more, trust us, we’re still catching up!

Opening Song Prince Of Tennis


Episodes: 85~ Ongoing
Start Year: 2014

This one has to be one of the most popular sports anime of today. Personally we really love the hot and cold nature of Hinata and Kageyama. This duo is super lovable and you can’t help cheering them on. This anime is more about the story and character focus than the logistics of volleyball. You’ll still learn plenty, heck we wanted to get out and play volleyball after watching this.

If you need a pick me up or some feel-good triumphs get on the Haikyuu train. Beauty is the series is ongoing so merch and episodes are still coming. This would be a great way to get into the anime community or strengthen your anime sports comrades.

Haikyuu!! Trailer

Kuroko no Basket

Episodes: 75 + 3 OVA
Start Year: 2012

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We were pretty set on putting Haikyuu as our top but we just can’t get over this dream team. In Kuroko’s Basketball, Kuroko and Taiga are a fire and ice match up. Both have heart and temper but come to the court in two very different ways. Kuroko is the shadow and hidden gem of the team. Like Haikyuu‘s Hinata, underestimated time and time again due to his height but when we say the battles are worth watching, they’re worth watching. From the growth of each member to the cuteness of the husky dog mascot we know you’ll be hooked for more.

Kuroko no Basket Opening Song

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