An esports Tournament So Good, It’s MADDENing

An esports Tournament So Good, It’s MADDENing

Gear up, team! It’s tournament time! That’s right sports fans, USA TODAY Sports Media Group, and Super League Gaming has teamed up to bring YOU the ultimate online esports tournament.

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Before we dive into the nitty-gritty about the tournament, let’s talk about Super League Gaming, and what exactly it is they do. SLG is a leading gaming community and content platform that gives everyday gamers multiple ways to connect and engage with others while enjoying the video games they love. It offers players the ability to create gameplay-driven experiences they can share with friends, the opportunity to watch live streaming broadcasts and gameplay highlights across digital and social channels, and the chance to compete in events and challenges designed to celebrate victories and achievements across multiple skill levels. Essentially, it’s who the top dogs are using to provide integrated solutions that drive business growth.

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group had this to say about the partnership with SLG, “The partnership with Super League enables [us] to bring its audience of over 60 million sports fans the opportunity to compete in online esports competitions. Together, USA TODAY Sports and Super League are excited to provide a platform for mainstream video gamers to battle for supremacy in their favorite games, starting with Madden NFL 20.”

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Chief Commercial Officer of Super League Gaming, Matt Edelman also chimed in on the partnership saying, “sports fans need their fix! With the remarkable audience reach of USA TODAY Sports, we are helping to fill a gaping void through fun experiences that feed sports fans’ hunger for competition. Live sports play such an important role in our society, bringing people together around shared passions, whether cheering in stadiums or playing side-by-side on the field. The program we’re building with [them] connects to this competitive spirit, and will be fully enjoyable from home.” HELL YES, we don’t know about you, but we are even more excited about the tournament now!

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Speaking of, let’s talk about the tournament! This awesome collab kicks off with the premiere Madden NFL 20 Tournament, where players will go head to head in a bracket-style competition with the top 10 finishers sharing a cash prize. Past Madden Tournaments have had a killer turn out!

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For those who don’t know, Madden is a football simulation game where players can choose to play in several different story modes. Franchise Mode, which allows you to play as a team owner, team coach, or a player on your favorite NFL team; Face-Of-The-Franchise Mode, which allows you to start your career in high school and play to build your skill as you work towards being drafted into the NFL; and also Play Now mode, which allows you to play anytime, anywhere, and as any team. Players also have the option to play online and challenge their friends or other skilled Madden players.

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The tournament kicks off on Monday, July 6th, and participants can register here! Super League will host, monitor, and manage the Tournament’s gameplay, and USA TODAY SPORTS and For The Win will provide complete coverage of the Tournament and updates to the bracket. Both companies also will be showcasing exciting highlights across their social media channels. The Madden NFL 20 $10K Champion will be crowned on August 2nd. For a full list of competition rules, just visit Super League’s website!

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Are you stoked for this new esports tournament? Are you planning on entering for a chance at the grand prize? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!





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Featured Image Source: as posted by Super League Gaming via their official Twitter

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