Polo & Pan Take Us On Their Latest Exploration

Polo & Pan Take Us On Their Latest Exploration

‘Feel Good’ set the tone for Feel Good. Polo & Pan take us on an amazing journey with their four-song EP. With a release of July 3rd, 2020, we can’t stop streaming.

Feel Good EP via Spotify

We can’t help but get whisked away to some promised Neverland by Polo & Pan. They’re so in tune with the creatures of the land.

The songs are beefy and strong, providing us with a solid 15 almost 16 minutes of blissful music. We know the lyrics are in French but it’s beautiful. Even if you can’t understand you can listen closely and know the power behind it. If you’re truly curious the enthusiasm of fans tends to lead to song translations. No need to fear, we’re all just here to vibe.

If you can’t get down to that good ole ‘Feel Good’ track then give ‘Pili Pili’ a try. We are aflutter with giggles. The French Djs sure know what they’re doing and we are here for it. Dance in those woods and go find some faeries. We’re here to live, laugh, love, and dream again.

Promo Tweet via Polo&Pan Twitter

Find a nice patch of sun to doze in? Meet some tricksters in those woods maybe? Let us know at @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter or visit us on Facebook!


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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Fiona Torre

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