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We Have Big Time Love For This Big Time Rush Reunion

We Have Big Time Love For This Big Time Rush Reunion

A Big Time Rush reunion!

Amidst all the insanity known as 2020, with unexpected news around every corner, we have some more! A Big Time Rush reunion was definitely not what we expected from this year but our boys delivered!

About a month or so ago, the BTR boys got together to send a quick video message to their fans. It was mostly telling them to take care during quarantine and be safe. However, the video ended with Carlos saying “there’s a lot to look forward to” and “we’ll see you guys soon.” Naturally, BTR stans freaked out. Come on, a Big Time Rush reunion is bound to make some waves!

Well, the boys delivered on that promise! They posted a video of them singing a stripped-down, acoustic version of their hit song ‘Worldwide’ and the fans went crazy. Of all the songs available, we’re really glad they went with this one for their reunion. Who could forget the emotional experience of watching Kendall say goodbye to Jo at the airport with this song in the background? Not us, that’s for sure.

Emotional? Who, us? No, we’re not crying you’re crying

Honestly, this Big Time Rush reunion has us pretty nostalgic for these boys. So, here are some of our favorite memories from stanning Big Time Rush!

“Big Time Rush” the TV show was hilarious!

If you have never seen the show before, what are you doing?? As part of the Big Time Rush reunion checklist, we’re telling you, you have to watch at least a couple of episodes. So get over to Hulu ASAP and get to it!

But seriously, while the show ended back in 2013 (yeah, that’s scaring us too) and may seem like more of a “kids” show, it definitely had some iconic moments.

There was the development of the relationships between Kendall and Jo and Logan and Camille, running jokes and gags, lots of costumes, and who could forget the celebrity cameos! Miranda Cosgrove, Snoop Dogg, Fabio (he was in quite a few episodes now that we think about it…), Victoria Justice, Jordin Sparks, phew! The list goes on and on. Oh, and we can’t forget, Carlos’ wife Alexa Vega, yeah, the former Spy Kid, made an appearance on the final episode as well!

Alexa and Carlos got married so she'll definitely be around for the Big Time Rush reunion
Image Source: Big Time Rush TV show

In addition to all the celebrity guest stars, the show was enjoyable simply because it was a fun, wholesome show! One of the biggest takeaways from the show was the emphasis on how important friendships are, but how they can be difficult sometimes. Even if the guys went through ups and downs, they always had each other’s backs. And of course, they always encouraged fans to chase their dreams. It may not have been the most dramatic or intense show, except maybe that whole Kendall-Lucy-Jo business, but it was a fun watch. Now that you’ve read all that, go back to where we said you should watch the show and, well, watch it!! What we wouldn’t give to hear Gustavo calling the boys his dogs one more time. Sigh.

Their entire discography was, and still is, fire!

Okay okay, we know music is totally subjective and everyone has their own taste BUT we promise, every single BTR song is actually amazing. No cap.

The guys released three albums, “BTR,” “Elevate,” and “24/7” and it’s hard for us to pick a track we didn’t like. A lot of the music was featured on the show and almost every episode had a scene of the guys either recording vocals or performing on stage (usually a real-life performance added into the show). But what about all the music you didn’t see? There are so many tracks that we would’ve loved to see on the show, like ‘Amazing’ and ‘Love Me Again’. Not to mention, songs that were on the show that we never got on an album!! ‘Blow Your Speakers’ would’ve ended up on a lot of Spotify playlists. Just saying.

The tours were high energy and lots of fun!

Big Time Rush was in fact a real boy band, so while their TV show selves were always gearing up for or coming home from tours, they were doing the same thing in real life!

See Also

The band went on five tours in the years that they were together and each one was it’s own kind of fun. Not to mention, they had a certain British boyband as their opening act during one of them. That’s right! One Direction’s first US performances were opening the “Better with U Tour.” Just take a moment and imagine what that experience must have been like. Or, if you were lucky enough to witness it firsthand, remember what it was like!

Every performance was full of flashing lights, trampolines, amazing choreography, and of course their awesome songs and energy. It was just an all-around good time. Guaranteed, these shows were ones to remember! Perhaps there will be a reunion tour in the future….we can only hope!

How nostalgic does this make you? What would you name the BTR reunion tour? What’s your favorite BTR song? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Kate Glicksberg

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