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‘All Your Exes’ Made Us Double Down On This New Identity

‘All Your Exes’ Made Us Double Down On This New Identity

Hello there! Blair St. Clair has us soul searching to the latest single ‘All Your Exes’. We don’t need to talk about exes, do we? Or do we? Are you healed? Need a hug? It’s okay, Blair St. Clair has some words straight from the heart.

Some things are harder to deal with than others. For me, insecurity of not being good enough has always been a struggle. This song isn’t entirely about measuring up to my current partner’s past relationships, but it’s also raw and open to how I’ve felt insecure about many things in my life. ‘All Your Exes’ is more than ex-boyfriends; it’s also about ex-experiences and ex-choices and ex-judgments.

Blair St Clair

Whether it’s us in that hole right now or someone we love, we get it. Life has a way of whipping us like a dog playing with its toy. We’re wounded but wounded together.

‘All Your Exes’

The meaning is deep. Think the lyrics and music hold up? We sure do. The music is amazing and the false, skipping start has our heart skipping beats. Whether you’re a lover of dance, electronic, or pop or just here to kill some time we can assure you this song will make you soft.

"I can be neurotic, you're just that hypnotic
Even though you promise I'm the only one that's on your mind
Hard for me to say this, I know I get anxious
Overcompensating all the time"

Oof, did that hit you right in the anxiety or what? Our senses in overdrive we want everything to be perfect. Do anything and everything forgetting we need to enjoy the time we get with someone we love.

Insecure, I assume the worst
I know you want the physical, for me it's kind of difficult
So be patient with me and I guarantee
I'll be better than the ones before, are you needing more?

Don’t be afraid to take it slow. If it feels right you know it’s the right time. No matter who you are we all have moments of insecurity and unsure panic. You are always worth waiting for.

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And let’s not forget the album that all of these songs are leading up to! Have you caught the other singles? How about this latest promo? A personal thank you from Blair St. Clair. How cool would that be?!

Did you give the song a listen? Love it? Did you love it as much as we did? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Bird Lambro

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