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‘Stay Awhile’ Or At Least Long Enough for New Found Glory

‘Stay Awhile’ Or At Least Long Enough for New Found Glory

Always relevant, real, and ready to rock NFG delivers a new video for single ‘Stay Awhile’. The single from recently released Forever + Ever x Infinity via Hopeless Records. This collection of songs is the band’s T E N T H studio album. We must say we’re forever grateful that they continue to make music. A group that we consider punk-jumping, fist throwing, getting us through breakup kings, we have all the love in the world for New Found Glory. 

‘Stay Awhile’ is a lighthearted, fun-filled video that presents the band in the light they are habitually perceived in. Meant to leave a smile on the faces of fans as they watch, we think that they succeeded in all they intended. The song itself is all that a pop-punk song should be like we said before – these guys are just OG’s. A catchy-sing-along-hype song, we endlessly love New Found Glory and all of their work.

New Found Glory – ‘Stay Awhile’

An album for us, the band focused on finding themselves again with this record. Success was the only option. A perfected combination of punk, hardcore, post-hardcore meshed with easy to love lyrics, and melodies that won’t leave your head for lifetimes. If you enjoyed any of their previous singles, your destiny is to love the album in its entirety, Forever + Ever x Infinity… get it?

Don’t believe us? Prepare to be impressed. Forever + Ever x Infinity first week sales locked New Found Glory into #2 Current Alternative Albums, #4 Record Label Independent, #5 Top Rock Albums on Billboard Charts!

Devoted to draining away pressures of self-doubt, get ready to want to take your life back and give it your all after spinning this record. Fist in the air, singing out of key at the top of your lungs, being unapologetically you, that’s what this album all about, what NFG is all about. Inspiring people to be themselves and only that, to lift each other, continue on even when life brings you down.

New Found Glory Album Art
Image Source: NFG Album Art

Have YOU checked out the album? What’s your favorite song? Is it single ‘Stay Awhile’? Let us know by commenting down below or reaching out to us @TheHoneyPOP on twitter!

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Featured Image Source: New Found Glory Official Video on YouTube

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