QUIZ: Happy Birthday Ashton Irwin! To Celebrate, Find Out Which Era Of Ashton You Are!

QUIZ: Happy Birthday Ashton Irwin! To Celebrate, Find Out Which Era Of Ashton You Are!

Happy birthday Ashton Irwin! Can you believe the 5SOS drummer is 26?! The years have flown by quickly, feels like just yesterday we were introduced to the then 17-year-old back in December 2011. He’s grown and changed a lot over the years, but a lot has stayed the same. For example, he’s just gotten better as a drummer and overall musician. Plus, he’s still bringing us so many smiles and so much joy.

All this celebrating has got us reminiscing the earlier years. We’ve seen Ashton grow into the man he is today since he got into the public eye at just 17. We’ve all seen him change his style from a classic punk look to bandanas to his own unique personal style. We watched his hair change from a punk fringe to his long hair, then dyeing his hair red and then black like it is now. So much has changed, but it’s all part of Ashton Irwin.

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Looking back, we feel like proud mothers watching him become the man he is. After all, as smoothly as it seemed to happen, we know many struggles had to be overcome. And now, at 26 years old, he has a successful career going with 5SOS for almost the last ten years, and he seems happier than ever. We couldn’t be more proud!

Now to celebrate his birthday, let’s wander into the past years, including this one! Ever wonder which era of Ashton is most similar to you? Which year fits who you are and your style the most? Maybe it was the bandanas, maybe his red hair look. We can all agree that Ashton is his 2020 self as he’s evolving and becoming more himself every year. But which era suits you the best?

Which Ashton Irwin Era Are You?

Take the quiz below to find out!

First off, what's your favorite song with an Ashton solo?

Which hair color/style of his do you like best?

What's your favorite quote of Ashton's?

Which tour was your favorite (even if you didn't see them on it)?

Including No Shame Tour of course even though it didn't happen yet

What's your favorite part of their music?

Since when have you been a stan of 5SOS?

Now, a birthday related question for Ash's birthday, what kind of cake do you like?

Last question, what would you do if you met Ashton?

Which Era Of Ashton Irwin Are You?

2011/2012 Ashton

You're 2011/2012 Ashton! AKA fetus Ashton. You're sweet and have big dreams, and you're working hard to achieve them.
2013 Ashton

You're 2013 Ashton! A very beautiful moment in time where he brought us all so much life, you're making everyone's lives more beautiful by being you!
2014 Ashton

You're 2014 Ashton! Could otherwise be known as the bandana era, you're driven and you're accomplishing your goals, while finding yourself and who you are at the same time.
2015/2016 Ashton

You're 2015/2016 Ashton! The Sounds Good Feels Good and Sounds Live Feels Live era. Oh, and his longer hair, too. You're making a difference in the world and the people around you, always trying to be the best version of yourself so you can be someone good for the world.
2017 Ashton

You're 2017 Ashton! Back when they were writing Youngblood, and learning how to make the music they wanted to make. You're making your life yours, and becoming who you always knew you could be.
2018 Ashton

You're 2018 Ashton! Ignore Luke in the photo above, or don't. A very beautiful photo to show how much they became even more like brothers while making Youngblood. You're developing your friendships, career, and everything you can. You want to be better and to be proud, and you should be proud of how far you've come.
2019 Ashton

You're 2019 Ashton! The year of his red hair. You're probably changing up a lot in your life to see how it goes, after all, it might go well and whatever you're doing could make you a lot happier.
2020 Ashton

You're 2020 Ashton! The current him with black hair, hopefully happy and healthy. You feel like you're doing well in your life but you know you can do even better, always trying to be the best you can be and push past limits to become your true self.

Which era did you get? Your favorite, perhaps? No matter what your result was, we can all agree that Ashton has stolen our hearts every year. He’s been inspiring all and helping many people. He’s done so without even knowing, and to many, he’s a hero. In fact, he has been all this time. So today, we celebrate one of the most impactful people in the music industry. Happy 26th birthday, Ashton!

Let us know which era you got by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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