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BTS Have Broken Another Record We Need To Discuss

BTS Have Broken Another Record We Need To Discuss

2020 has proven to be an eventful year in BTS’ career thus far. Record after record, this group continues to make history, and they have done so again this past week. With 104 No. 1s, BTS’ ‘Black Swan’ has beaten Adele’s five-year record on the iTunes Charts (she had 102). The fan-favorite b-side was released before the drop of Map of the Soul: 7, known for its contemporary dance in both the art film music video and the official performance featuring the seven members. It is also important to note how, thanks to MOTS: 7 reaching number one when it released back in February, BTS became the fastest group to reach four number one albums, breaking the record previously held by The Beatles.

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This wasn’t the only record broken this week either. In addition to the record achieved with his bandmates, V has earned his own achievement. Recently, V had released an OST for the hit kdrama, Itaewon Class, ‘Sweet Night,” which has officially reached 105 No. 1’s on the iTunes Charts. He is the first soloist to reach this number, with fans trending #FirstSoloistV in celebration.

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BTS continues to prove themselves as not only artists but also as people, and their success should be discussed. They have shown that they are more than fads or one-hit wonders that many may have expected them to be. Not only do they have the power of ARMY behind them, but they have the power within themselves. They continue to raise the bar when it comes to their music and the story they wish to tell their listeners. The records they break are a testament that fans like what the band is producing, and it can be seen clearly that this is a group that deserves it. They are redefining history, and we couldn’t be more proud of BTS for all they have accomplished and all that we know they will achieve. 

Then there was the record surrounding the group’s leader, RM. Released back in 2018 for free, his second mixtape, mono, has broken the record for an album by an Asian artist with the most No.1’s on the Itunes Charts. As of Now, mono has topped 102 charts, making it the first Korean album to have over 100 No.1’s.

We also can’t forget about Jin! From MOTS:7, his solo track, ‘Moon,’ a song dedicated to ARMY, has now reached No.1 in 80 countries on the iTunes Chart. This makes Jin the Korean Solo Artist with the most Itunes Chart No.1’s for a b-side track. The song is also the 4th kpop song by a solo artist to achieve 80 No.1’s. Fans continue to aim for more, and fan projects in other countries to purchase the song are set in place.

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It is important to note the minimal promotion that was done regarding these tracks at the time of their original release as well. These are b-tracks, songs that were dropped with fans having little time of their notice. This was music created by these men for their fans.

Have you listened to ‘Black Swan’? Proud of BTS and their achievements? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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