Quiz: Create A Mini-Playlist and We’ll Tell You What Song Off Of Seventeen’s Heng:garæ Album You Are

Quiz: Create A Mini-Playlist and We’ll Tell You What Song Off Of Seventeen’s Heng:garæ Album You Are

New Comeback, New Hit Album

Seventeen released their album Heng:garæ a couple of weeks ago and it was a hit! It contains six really good songs that make you wish that there were a lot more. They are all varying in genre, but the message is all the same. Just keep moving forward.

The Quiz

We know you may be wondering, hey what song off the album is me? What song represents who I am (sort of). What’s the easiest way to find that out? Well, we got just the thing. Take our ‘Create A Mini-Playlist and We’ll Tell You What Song Off Of Seventeen’s Heng:garæ Album You Are’ quiz and find out!

Whatever result you end up getting, whatever song you end up being just remember it’s valid. There can really be no wrong answer to this since they are all really good songs! You could be a song with a lot of fast beats, a song to dance to, or a song straight out of a coming of age show/film.

‘Going Seventeen’ Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

If You're The Type To Listen To Your Playlist Without Shuffle, What Song Would You Start Up With?

Pick Your Second Song

Pick Your Third Song

Finally Pick Your Last Song

Create A Mini-Playlist and We'll Tell You Which Track Off Of Seventeen's 'Heng:garæ' Album You Are

You Got....Fearless!

Image Source: Mnet K-POP

You've often had bad days filled with things that scared you, but you know deep down you're so much more than the fear that can consume you. You know that every new day means a new beginning, you don't have to be scared anymore.
You Got...Left & Right!

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

You're probably the type to dance away your worries. You also probably celebrate after every accomplishment, which there is nothing wrong with that!
You Got...I Wish!

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

Whatever you're going through or whoever you're missing right now, just know it will pass soon. Go through the emotions you need right now, just know brighter days are ahead!.
You Got...My My!

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

You are most likely an optimistic person. You believe your dreams are endless and that happiness is just around the corner. It may also take sometime to get there but you're okay with that!
You Got...Kidult!

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

You probably want to go back to being a kid when things were more simple, but we're all adults now. Either way you should probably know that there can be balance of being both. Don't lose the curiosity of being a child but also don't forget about some of the responsibilities of being an adult. Remember it can be fun being who you are it all depends on who you surround yourself with and how much fun you can have!.
You Got...Together

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

It's probably time to catch up with some old friends or think about the friendships you currently have. Friendships can be the most precious relationships in your life. Remember when you're lost, there is always someone by your side who can help you find your way.

So What Do You Think?

So Carats and non Carats alike what track did you get and was it accurate? Do you like the new album, is it all you ever wanted? What is your favorite track?. Tell us in the comments down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!.

Need More Quizzes in your life? We got you covered!

To Learn More About Seventeen:

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3 months ago

Wow… Fearless!!
I like that song from Seventeen henggarae album..

3 months ago

My my❤️❤️❤️


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2 months ago

kidult 🥰 it’s so accurate & it’s crazy because i actually am going off to college in the fall so i def felt the part where it said i want to go back to being a kid and losing balances. wow ❤️


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14 days ago

I got fearless. And i think its correct.
And my fav track is together

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