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The Academic: Resilient, Rare, And Radically Explosive

The Academic: Resilient, Rare, And Radically Explosive

Who are they, and what do they want? They’re The Academic, and they want our attention. No, they demand it. And damnit they deserve it. Making music that embraces both the elegance and bad-ass-ness of everything electric guitar, these guys also deliver power-house arena-worthy choruses. A perfect punkish potency, this band has everything it takes to break out of the underground and take the world by storm. No doubts from us, or the band themselves. High confidence, the door of opportunity is wide open, and The Academic is ready to storm.

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It’s possible that you are already familiar with these dudes, considering they have a very well known music video. THP had the opportunity to talk with the band and have them answer some things we’re all wondering.

You guys made waves with your ‘Bear Claws’ music video, which is no surprise, because well, it’s incredible. What would you say were the most significant upside to being a viral sensation?

The band expressed that the popularity of the video was so different from those of a song. You release a song; you watch it jump from list to list week by week. With this video, the impact was so immediate, so in the moment. Going viral, it reached people that it may not have otherwise. It was a strange feeling, but rewarding none the less.

The Academic – ‘Bear Claws’

Not quite fully embraced across the pound (yet), this band has had their fair share of sold-out rooms across the UK and Ireland. Gaining praise from Mick Jagger, The Academic was even hand-selected to support The Rolling Stones in Dublin, creating an experience they won’t soon forget. Mullinger’s hometown heroes, these on-the-verge-of-international-fame-boys, have the raw talent that is sure to take them to the top. If that’s not enough, well, their location and the city-specific killer guitar acts that come from should help to disappear all of your doubts. Era-defining acts like Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Sam Fender, and Kasabian, to name a few. Passion filled and primed Ireland’s The Academic is ready to become just what they deserve, which is everything.

Frontman Craig Fitzgerald, describes the youthful four-piece as sitting center of a Venn Diagram drawing in the likes of Phoenix, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and Vampire Weekend. We couldn’t agree more, but the part about The Academic that we love? Even though influenced by some of the top names of their genre, they have a sound that is just their own.

Finding Footing On The Cusp Of Their Uprise

Everyone has been feeling a little less creative during this weird time in the world. What did you guys do both individually and as a band to re-spark your creative flairs during isolation?

The band struggled initially with finding their footing but eventually found productivity online. Learning how to think quickly on their feet, they coped not being able to bounce ideas as smoothly and efficiently as they would if they were together. Using e-mail frequently to get work done, they sometimes struggle with the writing process. Noting that life wasn’t happening, as usual, so it became harder to write. Taking time in isolation to experience new music and music they haven’t dived into in a while, The Talking Heads quickly became and isolation favorite. ‘Burning Down The House’? We respect it.

Using DIY tactics, the band learned hard work as they tracked through the first seven years as a band independently doing things their way. An experience in itself they are thankful, and proud of the big jump that is the EP release via Capitol. Their discography fully stacked with songs that will steal your heart. Now, recently released single will do just the same. ‘Acting My Age’ single is available for streaming and is off of upcoming EP, due out Friday via Capitol Records.

This track produces razor-sharp guitar by some of the best to ever do it. Bold and propulsive, it showcases Ireland’s own on the cusp of their uprising. Destined to be the best new band, Ireland, the UK, and beyond has ever seen.

The Academic – ‘Acting My Age’

What can you expect from the rest of the EP? The Academics went with their gut and starts strong. It’s open, forward-moving, and upbeat. Leaving you with a surprising ballad an ode to front man’s younger sister. Unique from their usual upbeat sound, this stripped-down piece evolves around the party scene, coming of age, and falling in love. This perfect ending to the EP also holds one of the lyrics that The Academic considers to be most proud of: “Perfecting the art of Irish Goodbye, leaving the party with tears in your eyes.” Straight-lyrical-beauty.

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Instant Gratification + A Pint Of Guinness

As the heart of Ireland has already deemed them one of Mullinger’s finest (s/o Niall Horan) The Academic also holds a number one album under their belt. Resilient, rare, and radically explosive- the impact of their songs hit you swiftly yet gracefully. Melodies for days, each song provides instant gratification.

Speaking of instant gratification, when asked what the boys would be most excited for after the EP release. You guessed it—a nice cold pint of Guinness. What lads.

Image Source: Chalk Press Agency

They know, we know, and now it’s time for the world to know all the greatness that is The Academic. So stay sharp, check out their EP release Friday, and stay tuned for everything The Academic right here at THP.

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