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Alvarez Kings: Power-Pop, Synth-Guitar Masterminds Deliver Exclusive Q & A

Alvarez Kings: Power-Pop, Synth-Guitar Masterminds Deliver Exclusive Q & A

Alvarez Kings: power-pop-synth-guitar-masterminds

The quartet made up of brothers Simon (Vocals, Guitar) and Paul Thompson (Bass, Keys, Backup Vocals), Aidan Thompson (Guitar, Keys, Production), and Richard Walker (Drums, Samples, Pads). Building a following since their 2012 formation, these Warped Tour vets have made quite the mark.

Alvarez Kings has toured extensively across Europe, the UK, and the US. Landing on some bills of some of the biggest and best festivals to date, including Firefly and Summerfest. They spent 2019 recording new music, which means we can hear those tunes throughout 2020.

Alvarez Kings 'Words I Couldn't Say' Cover Art
Image Courtesy of Earshot Media

Sweet As Honey: Exclusive Alvarez Kings Q&A

We had the opportunity to learn more about these four fine fellows. Asking them all the questions we’ve been dying to know. Getting all the answers from Paul Thompson, we’ve learned a sweet little bit about Alvarez Kings. Sweet as honey.

You’ve all been at this for some time, and gone on tour with some seriously sick artists. PVRIS, Echosmith, and countless others on The Vans Warped Tour. Who would you say are some artists you would love to go on tour with?

A band like Foals immediately springs to mind. I think our styles and our live performances would gel well together on tour.

Also, I think Sam Fender would also be great. It’s been exciting to see his rise within the scene, and he has embraced somewhat of that pop element we adhere to.

We could see it. In fact, we would love to.

“A Kindness We’ll Never Forget”

Speaking of Warped Tour, Alvarez Kings were featured on the show Warped Tour Roadies a few years back. What could you guys say about that experience? Who was your favorite roadie?

It was somewhat stressful with our lead singer getting stuck in Canada. We were stressing on how we could make the show go on and get paid while we had a film crew around us.

They’d film us first thing in the morning with horrible hangovers, but all-in-all we had a fun time doing it and put across that British charm the American viewing audience loves!

Honestly, we got on so well with all the roadies and crew. A couple that springs to mind are Danny who put together a fundraiser amongst the bands to help us out and Bethany, who gave us all her air miles she had accrued and booked a flight for Simon back on the tour. A kindness we’ll never forget.

He’s right. That British charm certainly did us in. 

Family Vibes

Photo Source: Alvarez Kings on Facebook

So you’ve got a lot of family vibes going on here. What is it like to work with brothers? We’re sure it’s not all daisies and roses, what would you say is the hardest struggle with that?

Well, me and Simon are very competitive by nature which can cause arguments. Neither of us likes to lose. Also, the fact that we have big personalities can also cause friction. We both want to be the center of attention and the life and soul of the party.

You get used to it over the years, and I think this is why we have had the longevity we’ve had. Blood is thicker than water.

In a world that is ideal, you’d potentially be announcing a tour. Unfortunately, a lot of that is still on hold. What places would be on your list of necessary shows? Favorite town, venue?

We’d love to head back to Germany and hit some of our favourite cities, such as Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and Hamburg. Our fans are some of the most passionate over there, and we really miss them.

What about a place you’ve yet to hit touring wise, but would love to? 

I think Japan is at the top of all our lists. There’s just something so intriguing about Japanese culture and history, not to mention the fun we’d get up to in Roppongi!


This period of isolation has been hard on all parts of the industry. The fans, the venues, the staff, the bands have all fallen victim to the hardship of this shutdown. You, as a group, have become active in supporting the industry with #letthemusicplay. Could you tell us a bit more about your roll in that? What can fans do to help support?

We are here to lend a voice and to spread the awareness of the severe effect that COVID-19 has had on the live music and entertainment industry. Up to 50% of the live industry workforce is facing unemployment and 90% of grassroots music venues face closure.

The government needs to step in ASAP and give the industry some much needed financial relief.

Use the hashtag on your socials and show your support. Let them know why you love the live arts. Petition our government and eventually, they will have to listen.

We love a band that gets active, you heard the man! #letthemusicplay

With that being said, we think this would be a perfect time to check out Alverez King’s newest release ‘Words I Couldn’t Say’. A hard hitter right in the feels, this incredibly relatable lyricism focuses centrally on self-blame. Pulling from a collision of self-destruction from drug and alcohol abuse, failed relationships, and all the feelings that are left to feel. ‘Words I Couldn’t Say’ is an anthem for the burden of truth when a lie is just too heavy to carry.

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Alvarez Kings – ‘Words I Couldn’t Say’

Congratulations on the latest single ‘Words I Couldn’t Say.’ It’s killer. You’ve mentioned that the song isn’t about a particular person, but rather a self-destructive experience. One that focuses on self-blame, which is often very heavy to carry. Would you say that you prefer this approach to songwriting?

Yes, because it is from the heart and, therefore, more personal. We can all identify with the struggles of everyday life, whether it be heartbreak, addiction, or whatever the subject matter. The sincerity will come across more in the music.

Honest And Open

What would be some advice you could give to fans struggling with that same self-blame? What are the ways you cope?

Just be open and honest about it. It’s good talk and I think it’s important to let certain people in to help you overcome and offer advice. I cope by trying to stay motivated and positive every day and to keep myself busy and productive.

What would you say your most significant accomplishment as a band thus far?

The proudest was probably signing our first record deal. Very few bands are selected to become part of a famous label like that. It led to some other amazing accomplishments like recording our debut in LA and getting to tour all around the world.

What would you say, collectively, is your primary goal for this band as you continue your journey?

We just want to keep growing as a band. Play bigger shows to more fans. We want to sell more records. There’s just so much left to achieve, and we’re not ready to give up on the dream yet.

There you have it. The journey has been wild, but rewarding as hell. We’re delighted to hear that they aren’t ready to give up the dream- because we’ve certainly not had our fill of Alvarez Kings yet.

We look forward to more music very soon and hope that this chat has sparked or re-sparked your dedication to a band as unique as this.

Stay tuned for more to come, and give us a holler about your favorite Q & A by commenting down below, or via twitter @TheHoneyPOP

Learn more about Alvarez Kings:

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Earshot Media

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