Donna Missal Is Giving Us Heavy *Feels* For Her New Album ‘Lighter’

Donna Missal Is Giving Us Heavy *Feels* For Her New Album ‘Lighter’

Indie-soul singer Donna Missal is back with a story to tell on her new album ‘Lighter.’ After chasing stories her entire life, this record is a brutal yet beautiful tale of her life so far. It’s a story full of highs, lows, retrospect, and a sense of youth gone by.

Her sophomore album ‘Lighter’ was written after touring America with Lewis Capaldi. Most artists in her position would’ve pursued an album full of styles that are hot right now. Instead, Missal tore up her own rulebook.

By choosing a small team of co-writers and producers she could be vulnerable with, she’s made a record that will stand the test of time. 

“I’m just not thinking: is this cool? […] As soon as I stopped worrying about that it became so much easier to write things that I believe in and was comfortable standing behind.”

Donna Missal

From the music itself to the album cover, ‘Lighter’ has a distinct, wistful sense of DIY about it. After her singles, ‘Hurt By You,’ ‘Love You Let Me Down,’ and ‘How Does It Feel,’ we’ve had high expectations, and we’re so glad that they were all smashed to bits!

donna missal

Our favourite part of ‘Lighter’ has to be the sheer beauty of Missal’s vocals. Every note she sings on this record is sung with sheer conviction. With tracks like ‘Bloom’ and ‘Who Loves You,’ if you’re looking for blissful vocals, then you’re in the right place.

Right now concerts may be a distant myth, but this is a record that we can’t wait to hear live! One of our most anticipated tracks has to be ‘I’m Not Ready.’ It’s an echo of the five minute epic ballads; the likes of which King Princess and Harry Styles have become famous for; Only Missal stamps her own unique style on the track in such an effortless way.

2019 might’ve been full of support slots, but the future is full of headlines for Donna Missal!

You can listen to Donna’s new album here. Be sure to let us know what you think by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or commenting down below. 

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[…] Donna Missal is an American singer/songwriter from New Jersey who instantly became one of our favourite artists after we discovered her! Since entering the industry back in 2015, Donna has released hit after hit – including her two albums: This Time and Lighter, which we have been playing on repeat. After being raised on traditional rock & country music by her Father (an 80s musician), it comes as no surprise that Donna is being described as “a powerhouse vocalist ready to become a household name” by Flaunt. She is everything we aspire to be – extremely cool, confident and insanely talented. […]

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