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Hop-On Board The #1DecadeProject!

Hop-On Board The #1DecadeProject!

July 23rd is coming, and so is the 10th anniversary of One Direction. While speculations are going around, rumours of getting an album or a reunion on James Corden’s couch are making Stan Twitter crazy! Here at THP, we are also incredibly excited about that day. That’s why one of the projects organized for the 10th anniversary caught our attention. Hop-On board the #1DecadeProject and get all the details you need below!

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Guideline to the #1DecadeProject !

What’s the project about, then? Well, it’s simple. The #1DecadeProject was originally thought by a French update account on Twitter, @Team1DFrance, who teamed up with two of their partners, @1DStalker and @MITAMPromoTeam. They then invited One Direction Update Accounts all over the planet to join them!

#1DecadeProject is all about remembering and sharing memories between fans, through mini-projects, games, hashtags, listening parties, and even a map. There is only very little that this fandom would not do for their favourites. Let’s have a closer look at the schedule!

Hop-On Board the #1DecadeProject!
Image Source: @Team1DFrance on Twitter.

When, who, how?

Hop-On Board the #1DecadeProject!
Image Source: @1DStalker on Twitter.

From July 12th to July 16th, the team will be hosting one listening party per day (one member a day). Consequently, each listening party comes with a surprise in the end with #1DecadeWithNameOfTheMember (Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn).

July 17th: Take part in a giant enigma with a giveaway and a few surprises for those who win!
July 18th: You’ll show your best moves with #1DecadeTikTokChallenge and a few videos and dances on TikTok.
July 19th: Worldwide “Fans’ Map” with #1DecadeTogether so that you’re able to share your memories from the band!
July 20eth: The team will release the fan’s music video of ‘History’.
July 21st: Attend a listening party from all of the band’s albums, share fan arts and memes on #1DecadeOfTalent.
July 22nd: Throwback and “Before/After” challenge to see how much you’ve changed in ten years on #After1Decade!
And a big surprise is coming on July 23rd!

The #1DecadeShow will be Premiered July 22nd on YouTube, and we’ve been promised a bunch of surprises for the ultimate fans. From the early days of the band and their first covers on The X Factor to their latest solo performances, get in the mood and buckle up to live or relive one of the most amazing experiences of your life! Grab your tickets here and check out the times below:

How do I participate?

You can participate in more ways than you could ever imagine! If you want to join thousands of other Directioners on the map, drop your info here. You can also take part in the ‘History’ music video in ASL (American Sign Language) by filming yourself signing the song and sending it to Of course, you can keep on supporting the boys and the project by streaming the albums, posting pictures and fan arts!

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Hop-On Board the #1DecadeProject!
Image Source: @MITAMPromoTeam on Twitter.

Now that you have all of the necessary information, we hope you’re as ready as we are to hop-on board the #1DecadeProject and share your most amazing memories of the band! Let us know if you’re in at @TheHoneyPop on Twitter or leave a comment below!

To Learn More About One Direction:

Featured Image Source: @Team1DFrance on Twitter

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